Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little Big May Day

Enjoy the little things,
for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.
-Robert Brault

Happy May Day everyone. A little day, to be sure, but the inconsequential sure adds up quickly. You know what I mean. I know you do.

I found this picture some time ago and don't remember where. A magazine? A website? A blog? I love it. In fact, I've dreamed up a business around it. Chicken wire cones filled with tissue and fresh blooms. Could anything be more country and lovely?

If we lived close and I had nothing to do all day I'd make you one of these for May Day. I'd fill it with pillowy roses and drop it by and ring the bell and dash off, Millie at my heels. I think things like this matter. Gestures like this add up. They mean the difference between an ordinary day and a sweetly extraordinary one.

Quick words of thanks this morning:

1) To all you super-fast Etsy shoppers who descended on my shop like locusts and picked it clean yesterday. Y'all blew me away. Some orders have already been mailed; others will go out after lunch and others first thing tomorrow. I'm so pleased with all the goodies and hope you will be, too. Thank you.

2) To all of you puppy gals who offered advice and encouragement. I'm calling about puppy school this morning and am going to get a crate tonight. Thanks for the advice. Millie's already chewing EVERYTHING, including my thumbs, the (iron) legs on the clawfoot tub, my best bra, and 10 yards of pink and brown ribbon I was going to sew on a skirt. Lovely. I'm trying to be firm with her and I am, but it's hard when she turns those sad little blue eyes on me. Yesterday afternoon I went to her little space to find her and she was gone. Little bugger sneaked out of the sitting room and curled up in a basket of dirty laundry in the bath and slept all morning.

I adore her.

3) To my friend Shelley who arrived with a super turbo tiller -and dinner- the other day when she was swamped and saved me hours of back-bending work. You're my girl hero. (The okra came up overnight and the sunflowers are nearly a foot tall.) When everything gets ripe I'm going to make you one of these, only with vegetables. What is it Cassie says? I love ya more than butterflies....

Thanks, you all. Really. Little things turn big things here. Thanks. Happy May Day. -Brin


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you found a new friend. She is adorable. Welcome to the family Millie! I hope that you have many happy years to come.
Love to you both.


Jenny said...

And a fun-filled Happy May Day to you as well, Brin.

I thought I saw blue eyes on that pup. She's too dreamy. How old is she?

Rebecca said...

chew toys, chew toys, chew toys. Get that baby some chew toys. And, you'll learn to start puppy proofing your home. :)

Mama Lisa said...

we tried the crate with out golden and she hated it. anytime you see her sniffing put her out and go crazy when she goes...also, we rewarded her with cheerios when she did go. cheap and easy.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOh, your puppy is soooo adorable! Crate training is the ONLY way to go. You will save yourself tons of agony if you can get her to go potty on a regular schedule and have her used to sleeping in the crate at night. The crate for our dog is still the preferred place for her to sleep (although now that she is older and potty trained, the door is left open) is her little safe place. When kids come over and she has had enough, she goes in...when we go camping with her, she sleeps in the tent in the crate (with the door closed and the leash on top) so that if something happens she is under control immediately, and when we go out of town and are unable to take her with us, friends are more likely to care for her if they know that they can put her in the crate for a few hours when they leave their house and she won't be unhappy or destructive to their things.

You can avoid allowing bad habits to be developed in your puppy by training her properly from the get go. You may think they are so cute when they are little, but these bad habits will drive you batty as you try to break them of it when it no longer is so cute! You will enjoy your dog for years and years to come if you think about the behavior that you want from them when they are older (a polite, obedient dog )and encourage and train them towards that as soon as they enter your home.

Happy dog parenting!
Ruthie from California

Vee said...

Picked clean so soon? Wow! That's fantastic!

Millie is going to feel so safe and secure in a crate, I'm sure of it!

A happy May Day to you, Brin!

Lallee said...

I have to tell you about the little sweet extraordinary in Bible study this morning. One of my young gals cut sprigs of her rosemary and tied a ribbon around each. She gave each of us a sprig~simple, thoughtful, and the room was filled with such a wonderful aroma.

About labs again: The good news is they usually housebreak fast. The bad news is they LOVE to chew. I recommend nylabones for toys. The rawhide things smell just like our shoes so they don't know the difference. Labs are natural retrievers so anything you catch her with in her mouth get her to bring to you. Soon the reward of your praise for her fetching will excite her more than keeping the object. Buy a case of tennis balls ;-) I can't wait to hear the stories!

Hugs again,

Lallee said...

Sorry, me again. In case no one else said, as you train her to the crate always put a little treat in for her so it is something she looks forward to. Labs are suckers for food ;-)

Lovella ♥ said...

Happy May Day to you too!!
I'm enjoying the simple things in life today . .things that matter most.
We're all going to be suckers for that pup.

Linda Z said...

I recommend nyla bones for the chewing as well. Worked really well with my Sophie. Also, her favorite toy is homemade... an extra long tube sock with a tennis ball at the bottom. Then the tube sock is tied with 3 knots to keep the ball in place and for chewing. She loves fetching with it, playing tug-a-war, and just plain gnawing on it. The best, cheapest toy ever for us. :)

Anonymous said...

I could just kiss your puppy all day. What a face. You are so talented and so grounded. maggie

Betty said...

The simple little things are fine with me these is simply wonderful!
I wish I could give you some 'puupy training' ideas but I've never owned one..from what I'm hearing it sounds much like training children..well not the part about putting them in a
Millie sure is cute..and wow those eyes!!

Betty said...

Ahh meant to say puppy...maybe I need some training?? LOL

Something Nice and Pretty said...

We have a yellow lab, Buster, such a sweet heart and so smart,in fact today is his 1st birthday. They are very loveable and he also loves kids. Just reward Millie when she is good, they also love water too, don't forget that. Buster goes right in the river and loves to play in it. Love your blog and I always check in.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Happy May Day Brin! Hide your good shoes, that's my dog tip for you :) LOL

Lady Laura said...

Brin, Adorable little pup! Your story of finding her on top of your laundry made me laugh! We don't have a proper laundry room--just an corner in the kitchen. All 3 of our dogs LOVE to lay on the pile waiting to go into the washer.

It was amusing to see her with your basil. I've never seen a dog do that. But we once had a dog that would never bother anything in the garden or yard; wouldn't even lay among the watermelon vines (the other dogs favorite outdoor spot) so we were horrified when he dug up our lavender plants and ate the roots. He had the sweetest lavender breath for days!

Unknown said...

I love that quote, it's a keeper! Millie is adorable!!