Friday, May 30, 2008

Being Samantha Brown

This weekend I'm headed here. The ruins of Mesa Verde. It's ten miles from my little hideaway. Remember that book everyone was crazy about a few years ago... 1,000 Places to See Before You Die? This is one of the places in that book. One down, 999 to go.

History fascinates me. I love learning about different eras and different people... about how they lived and what they ate and who they loved. This world is so big. If you started out the moment you were born... running here and seeing there... you still wouldn't get to it all. (And I'm not even talking about the oceans or space. I'm just talking dry land.) I'm awed by that. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed in broadcasting. Maybe by now I could be on the Travel Channel or something. Like Samantha Brown. I adore Samantha Brown. Didn't you just love Samantha Brown?

I think this weekend I'll pretend to be my own version of Samantha Brown, sans the camera crew. Why not? I'm always up for a little adventure.

Here's to hoping I don't tumble down ancient Indian ruins and break my collar bone. And here's to your weekend, too, wherever you are and whatever you do. My love, Brin


Anonymous said...

Hi Brin,
Forgive me if I sound somewhat confused :-) Are you on holiday, or is there something work-related in there?? It looks lovely and relaxing, I was just confused when you wrote that when you get back to FH the IRS will be paid, the land purchased etc. etc. - did I miss something? *very curious*

Jenny said...

Samantha Brown is the best. She's always so fun and animated.

Does Miss Millie get to go? Have fun and enjoy your time together.


Unknown said...

You've been in my prayers, so glad to know your safe, and thanks so much for taking us along on your journey, how exciting! Your trip will be my vacation this year, with gas being so high, were not going anywhere this year!

Lynne said...

Mesa Verde is a special place. Too bad about the fire a few years ago.

My husband was born in Durango and I've been there many times.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Samantha Brown, she always looks so happy to be traveling where ever they tell her to go! I think you'd make a good show on the travel channel...The Brin and Millie show! Have a wonderful weekend, it sounds like you will be very busy!

Kathi :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I remember reading that Samantha Brown did the same things I do before leaving on a trip (and she seems to be sane!).

She always felt a little nervous about the traveling, she had to clean everything in case she didn't make it back home, but she always enjoyed the destination.

I loved seeing the picture. I always have to remember such places really do exist outside of travel books and film.

Adrienne said...

Hi Brin - I hope you will share pictures from your weekend trip. It looks fascinating! Have a good time, Miss Samantha - oops, I mean Miss Brin. ~Adrienne~

Amy said...

I love Samantha Brown. And yes, you'd be just as good as her! Have fun and take lots of pictures.

Unknown said...

Ah, Samantha Brown! Love her. Thanks for the memory jog.
Have fun and bring back lots of pictures.

Betty said...

Mesa Verde sounds like a grand place to visit. Please take lots of pics and share some of them with us!
I love the travel channel..that is the closest I'll ever get to some places!

Terri Steffes said...

I have been there and the mystery that surrounded that place was awe inspiring to me. I remember I wrote a poem about it in my travel journal. Hope you feel it too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brin~ another "addicted" fan here. I'm glad you haven't restricted your blog to a select set of viewers yet. I've visited your blog a few times and just love it. Something about your writing just resonates with me. I am a "rookie" blogger, but I am going to put you on my blogroll and blogbridge-hope it's okay! Today I caught up on some of your posts and it made me cry! I will says some prayers for you! Take care!

Anonymous said...

hi Brin~

I was away for several days, so just caught your last few posts.

It looks like you and Millie are settling in nicely to your new "home away from home". It is so beautiful there. How was Mesa Verde? Can't wait to see photos. :O)

So glad you are sharing your journey with us. I love seeing how the Lord is leading you along. I know He has BIG plans for you. :o)

And I agree, you would be GREAT on the travel channel. Why don't you hit them up? Maybe they're looking for a new "samantha" (and Millie!!). :o)


Beverly said...

I visited the cliff dwellings once. I was in awe that they built them so that the windows received more light in winter to warm their home, and in summer the sun was shaded from the dwellings. Amazing, huh???

Anonymous said...

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