Monday, May 12, 2008

Apron Toolbelt Comeback

Apron toolbelts are sneaking onto the Freeman House Shop on Etsy through Tuesday at 6 PM CST. For those who've emailed or "convo'd" me, consider yourself warned! -Brin (And for the folks in Demark, Canada, England and New Zealand who've contacted me, I'll change the international shipping policy today. Please read note on shop before proceeding with payment. Thanks!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Brin, I just love the apron toolbelts and would like to purchase for two of my friends. Will you ship to Canada? I tried to enter the info, but it wouldn't let me. Please let me know how to get ahold of these cute aprons ~ I have two special friends that have birthdays coming up and they would make perfect gifts. Hopeless in Canada ~ thanks Patricia

Anonymous said...

Hi Brin,
I have the same problem - I live in Denmark and Etsy won't accept that as delivery address. I have my eyes on the "Laughter" toolbelt. If you don't mind shipping to Denmark, please let me know (I presume you can just write a "reply-comment"?)

Jenny said...

They are beautiful! What amazing talent you have.

Are the flowers hard to make?

Anonymous said...

I did not have a good Mother's Day. Mother-in-law troubles. So this morning I was still feeling blue, so I made your strawberry cake. Yum. Feel better. Horray for Strawberry Cake and horray for Brin.

To next year!

Amy Jo said...

Those are just the cutest things I've ever seen. Functional and flat out pretty!