Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Library in Your Livingroom

Dear Posterity,

When I die, I'd like the following three things buried with me: Dolly Lolly, certain carved-out splinters from a bridge in Brown County, and Falling Cloudberries. Everything else can be donated or kept, but these three things are going in the ground with me.

Yours Ever So Seriously,

Seriously. Seriously! Have you seen a copy of Falling Cloudberries? I am enthralled by this book. Every night for the past month I've gone to sleep with this book on my bed. It's so beautiful I want to cry. It's so yummy I want to clap. I love this book. Love it.

Someone stopped by Freeman House last week and said they just wanted to glance about the library... see what I was reading and which cookbooks I like. Of course, following countless book reports (by me) and yawning (by them), they asked where I buy my books. "Amazon," I said immediately, bewildered. "Doesn't everyone?"

Really. I'm the girl who, after college, neglected to pay her phone bill because - my gosh! - I finally lived in a city with a two story Barnes and Noble. My bill paying and self discipline is much better now, so I walk the aisles of book stores punching the title of books into my cell phone before running home and finding them - much cheaper! - on Amazon.

Anyway, last week's book visit got me thinking. So starting today, the Freeman House Book Shop - powered by - is open online to give everyone a chance to see what's being read and cooked from at Freeman House. Wow. We can read together. Try out recipes together. Discuss plots and songs and carrot cake together....

What fun! The link to the shop - along with my summer reading list - can be found on the right. Hope you enjoy! Since I can't welcome you all to the Freeman House library, perhaps this way I can bring the library to you. Happy reading! -Brin


lulusparkles said...

oh! this just keeps getting better and better! yippee and thanks!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good plan and cook the same things at the same time and then discuss them..wonderful idea!!
I love to cook and I love to read!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. I keep telling myself i am on a book-buying moratorium...that I just cannot afford another.
But when you say it's a pretty book, how can I not! Oh dear. This is not good, I tell you!
Lord, I need discipline! (but maybe after I get a few more..?)

BellaColle said...

Oh thank you for sharing! I will definatly check it out. Seriously, what a neat idea! I'm always looking for new reads and yummy recipies.

Lallee said...

Now Brin! You just made me spend some money! LOL I just ordered Wrapped in Rain through your 'shop'. I need another book in my stack like a hole in my head, but this looks SO good. Thanks for the recommendation.


Unknown said...

What a fun idea, I love the thought of cooking and reading the same cookbooks as you! I want to find that "Falling Cloudberries" book! Sad to say, I don't have time for novels, just reference books and tons of mags! Off to check out your new link!

Anonymous said...

I love book clubs and this will sort of be like one!