Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Betty, Buckle, Cobbler, Crumble, Crisp, Grunt, Or Slump

Call it what you wish: a betty, buckle, cobbler, crumble, crisp, grunt, or slump. Whatever. No matter what you call it or how you make it, these sugary/fruity bakes are the purest embodiment of summer. Yum. July... and all your berries and fruits... we love you so.

The weekend was a blur. A happy, busy, buckle-cutting blur. Part of my early Saturday was spent in the kitchen with my incredible friend Jolene, owner and proprietress of Holly Hill - my most favorite corner of the earth. She made the divine dessert you see here. The pictures hardly do it justice. It was divine. When I gasped and raved about this beautiful thing's taste and texture, she simply shrugged. She shrugged. Whereas I'd be standing atop a table, wildly pointing and jumping up and down and shouting, "People. I. MADE. This. Beautiful. Thing. FROM. SCRATCH," she simply shrugs it off. She cooks likes this all the time, you see. She even handpicked the blueberries that topped the fresh peaches that went into this homemade cobbler. Or crisp. Betty. Whatever. Jolene's amazing. If you ever want to get away, come here and sit on her porch and order a plate of this. You won't want to go home. Not ever.

She has a blog, you know: the cobbler queen. (That's your new nickname, Jolene.) You should stop by and see her as you have the time. She has great plans for her blog, and I'm sure if they're anything like her home, her food, and her garden, we'll all be enthralled. The sit-at-her-feet-and-scribble-down-everything-she-utters type of enthralled.

Hmm. Okay. I'm starting to feel guilty about bombarding you with all these pictures and carrying-ons when you can't even taste a forkful of this sweet, fruity heaven on a plate. I feel badly. It's a shame - a real crying shame.

But more for me. Jolene, thanks. Maybe one day we can all gang up on you and get the recipe for your cobbler. Or Betty. Or buckle, crumble, crisp, grunt, or slump... whatever....

(UPDATE: The recipe is in! Try this beauty for yourself by visiting Jolene's recipe - and her great blog - here.)


Unknown said...

Yummo!!! Now I want to bake some cobbler! Oh, she has a blog, how neat, off to check it out! Always good to see young women get into baking and cooking, with fast food taking over our nation, I'd hate to see it become a lost art!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't going to bake today because we are having another scorcher of a day but now..I might have to! This crumble (or whatever) looks scrumptious and I have a recipe that resembles it so I just may go for it.
Wouldn't hurt to try and get this recipe though..recipes are meant to be shared, right?

sheila from life @ #17 said...

...I have to make a cobbler soon...and I'm going to call it a "grunt" when I put it on the table just to see DH's expression...I wonder where that term originated...I mean, I know why it isn't used now...LOL :) but it is funny...

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, I made one of these about a month ago with the fresh blackberries my hubbie picked & it looked just like this one! Delish does not describe it. When those berries bake, they are just melt-in-your-mouth amazing. YUMMMMMMMM!


kattz*cottage said...

Hi Brin!
That looks awesome good! I have enjoyed your blog so much & always look forward to seeing what you're up to at Freeman House! I made your Farmhouse Rolls - muy delicioso! May have to make a cobbler now!
Enjoy your day!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Mmmmm, YUM!!

Susan said...

My I wish you did have that recipe. It looks so yummy.

Jan Thomason said...

I don't know how I tumbled onto your blog but am so glad that I did.......as someone who bakes from scratch it was a joy to see your delightful pictures of that fabulous looking cobbler! I'm going to go check out the cook's blogspot in just a minute!
You are living my dream if I was to live my life over again - you go girl!!

Jan Thomason said...

oops, meant to leave you my blogspot address, not my Etsy one!!

come by any time!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the commentor above. You are living my dream, too! Wow. And, in reponse to your thoughts about Holly Hill, Jolene's place is what I think of when I have a longing to get away and be alone. I dream of sleeping in the bed on the porch and just walking around the grounds. It's what I envision heaven will be like! Thanks for sharing! Auntie M