Thursday, July 12, 2007

Napkins and Headbands

Think where mans glory most begins and ends,
and say my glory was I had such friends.
-William Butler Yeats

I was looking out the front windows yesterday afternoon, worrying about more rain, when I noticed it: an inconspicuous little package tucked under the porch eaves. Way under. No label. I approached it hesitantly, wondering if I'd made anyone mad recently. Ha! It was a present. From Cherie. From Cherie... a lady I've never met yet who reads this blog and shops my etsy site. What a surprise! I opened it and out tumbled perfectly folded squares of fabric, a notepad, a pink notebook, and the nicest note anyone could think to write.

(Cherie, again I thank you. I'm sure I did nothing to deserve this, so that makes you one of the most sweet and generous gals ever. And I love your taste in fabric!)

Anyway, after a happy suggestion and three seconds of smoke-pouring-from-the-ears thinking, a project plan was born. Today, my dears, it's all about napkins and headbands.

Napkins from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol

I have one set of cloth napkins. Purchased years ago from Pier One, they are the most delicate shade of vanilla-y cream. They are perfect. So perfect, in fact, that I refuse to let anyone - especially those with gaudy Texas lipstick - near them. Even my "nice" dinners feature paper napkins. And it just won't do. Not anymore. I shudder to think what the neighbors have been saying about my paper napkin household. Therefore, by the end of the day, I will have perfect 14" x 10 1/2" cloth napkins made from Cherie's fabric and the instructions in Amy Karol's new Bend the Rules Sewing. And the new napkin set will undoubtedly be added to the Freeman House tour. As in, "now here we have the cloth napkins. No... they're not historic. What? No... they weren't Miss Freeman's. They are mine. I. made. them. Just look at the pretty napkins, won't you?"

Eh-hem.Right. My second project for the day consists of Heather Bailey's handmade headbands. I'm not sure why, but lately I've become quite the headband queen. Probably because my hair is the longest it's been since I was in kindergarten and I'm not about to cut it in the middle of summer. That or I'm using bright headbands to distract you from noticing the new AGE SPOT under my right eye. Either way, headbands rule the day.

Wow. Isn't it wonderful how blogs beget friends? How blogs connect a girl in Texas to a generous lady in Salt Lake City and suddenly napkins and headbands are born? I think it's marvelous. I think you friends are my only glory. Cherie, thanks again. And to everyone else, thanks. Thanks for being here and commenting and encouraging. I'm glad we found each other, and I hope happy finds you wherever you are today. -Brin


Anonymous said...

I for one think you are well deserving of that nice surprise that you found tucked under the eaves! Cloth have now encouraged me to use mine more often..I have to admit that I am a paper napkin user and I have these "good napkins" packed away for special more...they will now be used often. After all any time of gathering of friends or family or even by myself are special times. Thanks for the reminder Brin!
Long hair and headbands go together..I love that look and it is such a summer look!

Unknown said...

I too am glad we found each other, your such a inspiration! If I miss a day without reading your blog, the whole day just isn't the same, you've made a big impact on me! I love the napkin idea, I've never had cloth napkins, but what fun to have a homemade set of hand picked fabric, such a wonderful idea and hopefully a winter project! Love all the pretty fabric, what a sweet surprise!

BellaColle said...

Aww those are lovely and what a nice gal for sending you a presant! Your blog is such a bright spot! Please continue sharing.
We actually used cloth napkins for the first time in our family last Christmas. It really was a nice touch.

Brigitta said...

love Heather's headbands and can't wait to see yours. I'm no headband girl myself, shortish hair and no headband head, my daughter's got beautiful long hair and a headband head, so who knows ;-)

Diane Duda said...

What a pleasant, generous surprise! And how good of you to get work making something of it so fast! I'm sure I'd have let it sit around for months on end trying to decide just what to do with it.


Kristy said...

What a lovely surprise...and I'm with you, I would love to spend a day making napkins and headbands. I look forward to seeing yours finished. :)