Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An Open Letter to 2007... Or, The Edge of My Map

The reinvention of daily life means
marching off the edge of our maps.
-Bob Black

2007, you and I need to talk.

As years go, you were undoubtedly my worst. I hated you. I truly did. You hunted me and taunted me. You spooked me and scared me. And although I managed your messes and thrived on your thrills... somehow... you nearly beat me. I'm so glad to see you go.

Not that we didn't have our moments. Through a divorce, a lay-off, a break in, a goodbye, a death, a tax bill, a leaky roof, and a bitter disappointment, I was able to see God's grace through it all. What you meant for evil, He meant for good. While you came at me, His hand held me. Held me safe. So you will go, but I will stay... stronger for it all. You, 2007, lost.

And your predecessor - the bright, shining 2008 - promises to out-do you. Once you're laid to rest, he'll move in with all his promise and newness. Lord willing, he'll bring about a book. He'll see the completion of the library. He'll deliver new flowers and friends... new projects and pets. And we'll be happy together, 2008 and I will. We'll share our laughs and quiet moments and mention you with a shrug and a roll of the eyes.

Yes, 2007, I'm through with you. Good riddance. I leave you now to revive and reinvent a precious life you tried to destroy. I leave you to march to the edge of my map and off onto a new one. And as I see new sights and chart new waters, I won't miss you at all.

Glad we had this talk....