Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas is Coming

Today I want to be here, in a glitter-roofed, church-turned-cottage with a pink gingham fence and one lonely tree. From my church-turned-cottage, tucked deep inside a countryside of silver-blue quilted hills and gingerbread-smelling dales, I'll be bundled 'neath fluffy white covers, watching snow fall to the ground. And just before I go to sleep, as the winter fire slowly dies, I'll hear it whispered in the candy cane wind: Christmas is coming. Christmas is coming.

When I awake, I'll wander the silver-blue quilted hills with my puppy, Sugar Plum. When our noses turn pink, we'll scamper home for wide mugs of hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows topped with sprinkles and cream. After warming our feet by the fire, Sugar Plum will nap as I spin pink and white candy canes from lumps of glittered sugar. And while I work, over the sounds of boiling candy and warm, puppy sighs, I'll softly hum and gently sing: Christmas is coming... Christmas is coming...

As the sun yawns and begins droop, Sugar Plum and I will climb the wooden stairs to the church-turned-cottage's Tower of Christmas. There, amidst boxes and bows, we'll find twinkle lights and lolly pops and shiny, ribboned balls. Together we'll trudge down the stairs, climb high atop our candy cane ladder, and trim our lonely tree. And as darkness falls over the silver-blue quilted hills and gingerbread-smelling dales, the twinkling tree and shiny, ribboned ornaments will sweetly bear the sign: Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

And soon it will be dark again... the starry, childhood kind of dark that has you lighting long, twisty candles in each window and settling deep, deep into a ragged, old chair. And as the stars shine down and the Christmas moon watches, Sugar Plum and I will sit here - here in our glitter-roofed, candles-in-the-windows, church-turned-cottage, and fill our Christmas stockings and say our Christmas prayers.

You can come too, you know, to the hill and dale countryside and its church-turned-cottage with a pink gingham fence and one lonely tree. Sugar Plum and I have your mug and bed and candle and chair by the fire right here. But please do hurry....

...Christmas is coming. Christmas is coming!


Anonymous said...

How many bedrooms does this cottage have? I'd love to move in with you. :)


Kathleen Grace said...

What a pretty dream:>)

karri said...

my, what a fabulous blog you have!
: )
beautiful dream to go with your beautiful blog! karri : )

Anna said...

If you're thinking of looking for a new companion at Freeman House... well, I can recommend a puppy! And Sugar Plum would be a darling name.

Have been reading your blog for a long time, but this is my first comment! I live in Devon, England, where we are renovating an old cottage from 1800. Beams and wood fires - you'd like it here. And I already love Freeman House!

This time in 2005 we were very excited about our new companion - you can see my baby here:


Unknown said...

I'm there Brin, with gifts of friendship for all and glad tidings! Such a pretty dream and what a cute house!

Anonymous said...

What a darling little house! I hope to make some of those little glittered houses for my Christmas display. Until then, I'll dream with you! Here's another project to add to your to-do list: write a children's book!