Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Confetti Welcome

In three words I can sum up
everything I've learned about life:
it goes on.
-Robert Frost

Confetti meets snow. Party meets reality. I've carefully shut up my dear Freeman House, once more, and made my way north to the frozen tundra. It's back to work.

It was a wonderful Christmas. I hope yours was, too. The bustle stopped bustling long enough for me to take a nap one day (gasp!) and watch the rain another (sigh) and take in Christmas lights the next (smile). Perfect. Gifts were given and gotten, and I look forward to the gift card shopping spree coming soon to a mall near me. Oh, and to Cherie, Sue, Heather, LuLu, Karin and Alicia ... your Christmas packages were lined up at the door waiting for me. They made me cry. Precious y'all. Thanks so very much.

So a new year. That is the beauty of life, isn't it... that it goes on? I'm looking forward to this year more than I can say. What is it about 365 clean, tiny, numbered squares that give me such hope? I can just feel - the way you sense a storm coming or know the phone's about to ring - that this one will be peculiar and wonderful. I bought bags and bags of brightly colored confetti and plan to do it up right Monday night. Hats and horns and everything. Of course, I couldn't resist running out to entice the new year to hurry. I threw up handfuls of color and stood in the snow as the wispy, papery bits of rainbow rained down around me....

Welcome to our world, 2008. I'm so happy you're here.


Betty said...

That quote by Robert true, life does go on!
Here's wishing you the best in the new year of 2008! Wonderful and peculiar is good..I love the confetti idea.
Happy New Year Brin!

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Yes, life does go on with all those twists and turns. Brin, think of life as a beautiful tapestry that the Lord is weaving for your life. We see the back of the tapestry. . . strings going every which way. . . all over the place. . . but turn it over. . . and that's what God sees for our life. . . the beautiful picture.

. . . and this too shall pass.



Unknown said...

Happy New Year sweet Brin!! I too look forward to a new beginning, full of change and hope. I'm also anxious to learn more from you, read your book and rejoice in more Monday moments. Thanks girl for a year of knowing you, growing with you and learning from you, your such a treasure!

Unknown said...

P.S. Your so welcome, I just wanted you to have a little act of kindness waiting for your return, your words are true gifts to us all and deserve a little something in return now and then!