Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Turkish Tote

Still here, quietly knitting in bed in preparation for my Turkey trip. And yes, for those of you who've emailed, I am still going. In lieu of answering all the emails in my inbox, I'll publicly state that I did become somewhat concerned when - the minute my travel arrangements were confirmed - the Turks decided to launch a major offensive in Iraq. I guess you saw that too? Wonderful. On behalf of myself and my bum luck I'd like to formally apologize to the fine people of Turkey, for had I decided to travel instead to... oh... say... Switzerland, I'm sure it would be the Swiss launching an offensive instead of the Turks. Never mind that Switzerland hasn't been at war since 1815.

I do, again, apologize.

But today Istanbul and offensives are a world away and everything's all Switzerland-like here at Freeman House. In fact, I spent the better part of the early afternoon piled up in my butter soft bed listening to the breeze and the birds and knitting up the Nest Tote as designed by Elisa, an Italian knitter with a strong sense of ecological responsibility. (Do go and read Elisa's post about the bag here.) This project is a quick knit, I'm finding, and a fantastic foray into the world of lace knitting.

Since it's so lightweight and stretchy, this tote has been tapped to accompany me to Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, one of the world's oldest markets and a place I can't wait to explore. (Nothing worse than a heavy purse weighing you down in an international marketplace, right?) I'll try to remember to take a few shots of the tote after I've completed it but before I spill stuff all over it... which will have to be immediately upon completion.

So there we are. Consider yourself somewhat up to date! (I must be off... four dinner guests and a hot bowl of Potato Marbles are due at the table around 6 PM.) I hope to check in again before the tote and I travel. -Brin


Jenny said...

How exciting and exotic, Brin! I hope you have a world of fun in Turkey. Please be safe and prayers are being sent for safe travels.

I beleive you've mentioned them before, but what in the heck are potato marbles? Can you make a meal out of them?


betty r said...

I was wondering whether your plans were still on for going to Turkey!
Keep safe..
Waiting to see the finished tote.
Yes what are potato marbles??

betty r said...

I googled potato marbles and now I know...

Minnesota Kathi said...

It's soooo good to hear from you! I loved the ghost hunters story, you're so funny!

The tote is beautiful, what talent you have! I do hope we hear from you before you leave but if not, I will be praying for your safety and a wonderful time when you travel.

Kathi :)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Switzerland! Now that's a beautiful place... ;>

I know that your plans are Turkey; I'll just have to pretend that you're in Switzerland instead.

Wherever you are, stay safe and have fun.

jimr75 said...

Wow, I'd love a turkey and swiss sandwich right about now.

Seriously, you'll love this trip. I have a student who went there this summer and she LOVED.IT.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I've missed you!! Loved the ghost story and those old houses, couldn't leave a comment there? Everytime I see one of your knitting projects, I wish I would of learned, the tote will be lovely! I'll be sending you prayers for a safe trip to Turkey and a speedy trip home! I've got to google potato marbles too! LOL

Rebecca said...

Oh, I love that bag! Thanks for sharing the link.

P.S. I love the ghost hunter story too. But the "mama" in me was saying, "Oh, No, She, Didn't" about your going with the ghost hunter guys. You and Amber remind me of something exactly like what my best friend and I would do too.

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm lost. Did I miss a post? What new adventures do you have planned for Turkey? Are you going on vacation there? My goodness you really do have a thrilling life!! I can't keep up with all your travels. But on a more serious note, I wish you a safe visit. Years ago I had a one day stop over in Turkey and I loved it!! We visited the Lost City of Ephesus. The guide we had was so amazing in his storytelling of the past. He made the city come to life for me. I literally felt that I had stepped back in time. How long will you be there? I hope you have a chance to visit this historical site. Best wishes to you. Lisa

Michelle said...

I agree...where is the post about the Turkey trip? This is news to me and how long will you be gone? LOL We all sound like mother hens, don't we? Wishing you well! And please post as much as you can before you leave for your trip...when are you leaving? I need to prepare for the hiatus! LOL