Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This One's For the Boys... (Or, Trash Talk)

(The rest of y'all should kindly look away while the Texas in me comes out. Thanks.)

Okay fellas, here's the deal: I'm tired of all of you.

Perhaps you need a gentle reminder of just who you're bugging to death with your blog comments and emails and cards and texts and showing up with your hair fixed better than mine. Listen up: while I may be a Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie-baking, pantyhose-wearing sweetie by day, I'm a Turkish-speaking, shotgun-loading meanie by night.

Yup. That's right. Don't mess with Texas... er... um... girls. Yeah. Don't mess with Texas girls. If we like you boys, we may make you fat. And if we don't, we just might make you dead.

Y'all run along now and leave me and my shotgun alone, you hear?

(And by the way, the pictures aren't blurry because I'm a shaky shot. No, they're blurry because I was laughing so hard I could hardly hold a shotgun and take a picture of my great new shoes without falling over.)


Rosa said...

Well. . .You can't be any clearer than that! :D Love the shoes! The cookies look good too. . . Double chocolate chip?

Rosa said...

Oh. (Embarassed grin) I reread your post. They ARE chocolate choclate chip. My kids love them.

Once Upon A Notion said...

Oh My Miss Brin....As a Texas girl, I so can relate. They just don't know what they are messin with - and they never seem to figure it out either. Love your sassy side!


Anonymous said...

Brin, harharhar, you are so funny!! :>) I luv that you own a rifle and kick back in your cute shoes with it!! you have to be the coolest chicka I know or, wish I knew. Thanks for the laugh and do NOT! hesitate to fire if those boys give you any more trouble!!!

Tammy J in Florida

elenka said...

Well said, Brin.
Shoes, Sugar and Shotgun.
Perfect day, in my book.;-p

Anonymous said...

Smile, smile, smile! What a great post. I appreciate your strength and wisdom, balanced so beautifully with your warm heart and creative spirit. {And your killer sense of humor! ~ oops, please pardon the pun :)}

Recently, I have been reading through your past blog entries, and many of them have been profoundly encouraging to my spirit. Thank you.

GOD bless you Texas girl~

Anonymous said...

I always thought you were related to Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke. A real lady and a real looker.

Love it!