Monday, April 14, 2008

Blueberry Cake for the Frantic (Or, My Attempt at "Health Food")

Remember these blueberries from back in the summer? (Um... if you do, I'll be scared.) Well, I remembered them Saturday and set out on a kitchen mission to come up with the most perfect Blueberry Breakfast Cake ever.

The rule was simple: use organic products and get all of the following into a morning cake I'd actually waste calories on: whole grains, flax, blueberries, yogurt and almonds.

(Don't worry. There's also butter, whole eggs, and brown sugar in there for those of us who'd rather eat moldy cardboard than "health food".)

I'm still working on this recipe (so don't ask for it), but I think I've about come up with a winner:

'Course I want to tell you that it's good with fresh sweetened whipped cream... or maybe even a little Blue Bell... but this is healthy food, people, and I haven't gone there.


[On another (non-blueberry) note, I made a decision over the weekend to take this blog private. As in, read by invitation only. This baby's getting way too big for me and, frankly, there are some crappy people out there. Then I learned that blogger only allows 100 readers per private blog. So now I'm back in Frustrated Land again. Anyone figured out a way around this?]


A family of boys said...

That looks yummy! Oh and I'm fine with the 100 readers for your blog as long as I get to be one of them. :)

Unknown said...

Oh that looks delish! And being one of two that reads your blog daily, I hope I'm one of the lucky 100! :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

That looks wonderful!

I was having coffee with a friend this morning and talking about favorite blogs.

I told her one of mine is this blog called "My Messy, Thrilling Life". She was surprised and said it was one of HERS, too! :)

We didn't even know the other had read your blog. We appreciate your honesty, the way you have taken something difficult and turned it around to make your world (and ours) a more beautiful place.

Rebecca said...

Yummy! The tart looks delish! And I love fresh blueberries.

Sorry, I don't know what the answer is for you for a private blog. But isn't a shame that we have to worry about crappy people? I haven't check into this before, but is there away that you can "ignore" certain posters? Like maybe a feature that will track the IP address or something when they post and you can do something at that point that will not allow them to post again? I'm just not techno savvy enough to know what that is. Your blog is so beautiful and so incredibly inspiring. It would be sad for those of us who love you to lose that, because of a few crappy people. Whatever you decide, I too hope I'm one of your 100.

Jim Looby said...

Fine then. I'll stop commenting. :)

Keep working at the recipe. I love blueberries and healthy food. I think you're onto something.

I've often replaces sugar with Splenda and the brown sugar/Splenda blend. I've candied pecans using both, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and some vanilla.

No one has missed the sugar yet!

Anonymous said...

Please please OH PLEASE put me in the drawing to be one of the special 100. I have never commented but am a faithful reader.
Your old house is so lovely and I so love hearing about your

Lori in Fresno

Mim said...

Well your blog is my first and last read of the day..yeah I know you only post one time a day but I always have to check!
I love your attitude, your recipes, your house decorating... everything. So count me in if you decide to go private.
And sorry about the crappy people in cyberland.
One of your fans,

Anonymous said...

Please Please don't go private. Your Monday morning love musings have been something I look forward to. I realize i'm a lurker, I think that's what it's called, and I don't have a blog but SO injoy several that inspire me daily. I'm 70 years young and still need to be inspired and I can still learn something new every day. You are so young compared to me, yet, and yet, you have the ability to teach and share your wonderful young wisdom. Check with other bloggers who have found ways to sidestep those people who cause you grief.

Sissy said...

I'm so sorry that you have been bugged by bad's that for alliteration? So funny, though, I just posted about blogs I liked and put you on there...hope no one I know would be mean to you! I was saying that you always had the best recipes (chocolate sauce, bacon wrapped chicken to name a couple) and that the Monday Moment was a great read. I hope it goes one of two can figure out the technology to keep it public, but screen people, OR put my down on the list of 100!

BTW, the cake looks awesome and I don't even like blueberries!

Linda Z said...

Not sure about getting around the 100 rule... not that techno savvy. But I'd be one super sad Californian if I couldn't read your blog!! So here's hoping something gets figured out!! :)

From A Creative Heart said...

The blueberry breakfast cake looks awesome!!!

I just posted to my online group about how wonderful your blog I really would hate to see you go private, but I do understand. Having done different chat groups and such over the years...I don't care how great something is, there will always be somebody to try to mess things up for everyone else.
As a dear friend told me once, there were people that didn't like Mother Theresa you pretty much don't stand a chance. LOL
Hugs to you....and looking forward to more wonderful posts and recipes in the future. You have given me the kickstart that I needed to get back in the kitchen and I sooooo appreciate it!!!
Hugs to you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be so sad if your blog was for private read only. I don't know that I've ever commented but I read it almost daily. It is so calming here. It is just terrible that there are icky people out there.

Anonymous said...

umm, can I be in the un-crappy catagory?...Hang in there Brin.usually when you have more questions then answers...that is when a person is the most creative... I am still working on all of the above...keeping my head above water...staying ahead of all the "crapheads" in life....maybe the "un-crappy" people can unite against the "crapheads"...just a thought....
Geneen from calif

Sue said...

Yummy..would love to have some of your blueberries with my coffee! I enjoy reading your blog and understand the tough decision to make it private...will miss reading about you and Freeman House. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to get away from not so nice people. My prayer is that your writings might cause them to think and examine their own lives.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and talents in such an enjoyable, inspiring and well written way.

{Emily} said...

You could move your blog to which is free but then you can add an upgrade that always you to have unlimited private users. But that feature cost $30/year. Just an option you may want to look into.

I also ♥ your blog. I have the Freeman House listed on my blog roll and I have you on my google reader so I know when you post new stuff!

I'm sorry you're having problems with crappy people. :(

Unknown said...

Oh Yum!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a wonderful addition to my day and you have a gift for providing inspiration and faith to your readers.

I would definitely miss your blog if it went private, but, above all else, you should do what will make you most happy.


Anonymous said...

Well, considering you may make this blog by invitation only, I figured it was high time I left a comment. I think of this blog kind of like walking by a patch of wild flowers - it gives me a gentle smile. I read your blog often and I am sorry to hear that there are people out there leaving hurtful comments. I can't even imagine what they would complain about. Anyway, as my grandmother used to say, "Honey, don't you let other folks steal your joy!"

Vee said...

Oh dear. I have worried about this. I have no advice for you, dear Brin. I have every confidence in your ability to hear God's voice.

Your blueberry cake is beautiful!

kali said...

I can't wait for the recipe! I so love reading your blog! Your Monday moments really mean so much to me...
If it becomes invite only, could you please invite me? :o)

Gayle from Southern Thresholds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gayle from Southern Thresholds said...

Ooops...I posted/deleted the above post...I rarely post but have enjoyed reading your blog for months...I do understand and respect your need for going private and maybe I'll be in the group that gets an invite...If not, I wish you and Freeman House the very best...

Rosa said...

I too read your blog everyday.
It has reinspired me to bake, cook, sew and even to try knitting and crocheting. (my mother-in-law is thrilled and has offered to teach me!)
I also enjoy your Monday moments. They have given me a real nudge to become more thoughtful about how I live my life.
A big raspberry to all crappy people!
I hope you find a way around them and. . .please add me to the list of 100. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brin,
Your friend Shanda here. You know what. SCREW them crappy people. Don't you dare let'em get to ya. I love reading your blog and would miss it terribly if you went private. I almost guarantee you, it wouldn't feel the same to you when you go to post everyday, because it would have the heart and sole missing from it. The heart and sole being your loyal readers.
My mom always had a saying "Don't wear your feelings on your shirt sleeves". Brin, those people that say mean things are miserable,bitter, and disappointed in their own life. They don't matter or even register on your scale. You are a beautiful talented writer and a all-inspiring person.
Just keep do'in what you do Brin, you do it well.
Oh Yea, That blueberry breakfast looks Great. Looks like a good ole 'stick to your ribs' Saturday morn'in fare.

Lovella ♥ said...

Isn't that the way it goes with finding someone only to see them waving goodbye? I have popped in now and then after finding you through Vee and Judy and probably a few others. I just enjoy my time here and would completely understand if I didn't make the top 100 list. I surely do hope you post that blueberry delight before it happens though .. .

Anonymous said...

OH... my GooDneSS!!! This looks delicious & knowing it is healthy... WoW!!!

Oh, please, pretty please include me in the OnE HuNdReD... I travel daily back & forth to see if you have posted yet... Pleasssssssssse!!!
Blessings 2 you, Pamela from Kentucky

Elenka said...

I wanna be one of the 100, too!!!! I'd be missing something if I didn't check your blog everyday! Well, almost everyday....
Us in snow country need your Texas beauty!!

Tammy said...

I'll be sad to see you go, but if someone (or more than one someone) is being ugly, you'd best go private. (After exhausting EVERY OTHER possibility! :o)) There are lots of freaks in cyber space, and you don't need to take any chances!!

Anonymous said...

lOoooh, that looks delish. Will love to have the recipe when you get it all figured out. :o)

Okay, I'm not a crappy person. Please put me on the list of 100. Pretty please?! :o)

I check your blog every day, and if there's not a post I check at night before I go to bed. I find such simple beauty and a gentle spirit in your blog. It is one of my favorite blogs and I've shared it with a few "noncrappy" friends too.

There must be a way to ignore the jerks. Or maybe put a thing (okay, totally showing my non-computer savviness here... I don't even have a blog.... I know, pathetic) where you have to approve comments. I know that would be a pain because YOU'D still end up having to read them, but at least no one else would see their crude, rude comments.

Or do you already have that and I'm really showing my computer illiteracy. :o)

I don't know the solution. But I hope I don't get locked out if you go private. Please invite me to the party!! :o)


tam said...

Oh no!!!! I have to have this blog, it is part of my daily recomended vitamins. My spirit will be stunted without it. (Did this put a guilt trip on you so I could be part of the elite 100:)!
p.s. Ignore the blessing thieves.

Anonymous said...

As one of the other comments stated Ì too enjoy the simple beauty and gentle spirit in your blogs along with your gorgeous house : -)

If you do chose to limit access to your blog, can I be chosen as one of the 100 to represent Canadian readers from Quebec?

Heather in Montreal

Ann said...

That cake looks wonderful! I am sorry about the crappy people out there possibly ruining it for the rest of us. But I love your blog and read often. Hope I still get to be one of your readers.

Anonymous said...

Another Canadian here. Hi Brin, Heather from Ripley Ontario. Sorry this is happening to you ((HUGS)) You are the one blog I check each day. I have learned so much from your words and pray that you find the perfect answer to your situation. And mmmmm....the blueberry cake looks delicious...another one of your recipes I must try. Blessings, Heather

Unknown said...

The best way to make a blog as private as possible without shutting everyone out, is to never tell where you live, never show pictures of the interior of your house( at least not ones that show the layout), and to put your comments on moderation only.
Also, using a "pen name" for yourself. When a child is mentioned, always refer to them by some obscure nickname, or #1 and #2, or firstborn and secondborn.
these are all things we have or will be doing.
So, all that to say, just be obscure on anything that can give a person an idea who you are and where you live :o)
Paula, somewhere in Alaska

a pink-bee said...

Recently found your blog ~ and it is so neat ~ hope you can keep it public ~ if not please count me in as one of the 100 :). I had a few problems with odd postings on my blog and finally went to where all comments are approved by me before posting ~
Have a happy day :)
crystal :)

Debe said...

I just don't understand the underlying meanness (is that spelled right??) of some people. BUT that is the way of the world. I just embrace reading your blog and would hate to lose you to too much private. Understandable but so sad if you have to do that. I do so enjoy sharing your world, fellow Texas and all. So many of us love ya, don't let the worms spoil it for ya!!

Jenny said...

Yum! The wealth of blueberries looks divine!

Is there any way you could so something besides Blogger (no offense Blogger folks) to limit it another way?

And I'd like to be added to that special list of 100 if you could, please.


P.S. Maybe you could only keep the first 100 folks to comment. ? :)

Harbor Hon said...

Hi Brin,
So sorry to hear you got one of those nasty blogtrashers. They make it hard for everyone to enjoy reading and experiencing things they never could anywhere else, especially shut-ins. Hope I get to be one of your 100 if that's the way you have to go.
Carolyn xxoo

Anonymous said...

Look what happened...I go to work for a few hours and when I get home this sad news...100 readers?! Does blogger have some kind of premium upgrade for pay or something that they're trying to force you into. good grief Charlie Brown!

Brin, you have been so dear to me, to everyone here, my heart is sad, I love reading about you and your day, your Monday Moments. I am in shock, complete shock.

Brin, don't be scared but I remember your blueberries...I believe you made some nummy breakfast bars :). It was close to the time I started reading your blog, I remember laughing so hard when I read your story about mowing the lawn, I cried when you lost Mae..I remember most of the things I've read at Freeman in the world will you ever select only 100 readers.

I'll stop now, it's soon time for bed. My prayers are always with you.

Your blueberry cake looks wonderful!

Harbor Hon said...

Oh, forgot to say you have me salivating just looking at that beautiful blueberry cake. Cup of tea and a slice of that ... heaven.
Carolyn xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Brin,
What a bummer, I so enjoy reading your refreshing blog. I hope that all the crappy people just leave well enough alone! Only takes a few to ruin a really good thing.

P.S. I will have to use my goole name next time, instead of anonymous, but I am in search of my password!

Unknown said...

Hey Brin,
I just read through all of your comments here. Reading what everyone else has said and knowing how I feel about your writing and thoughts,etc. I think you are fulfilling a mission from God.

I read somewhere in one of your articles about you thinking about getting some land to build a retreat-type place--I've so been hoping that will come about. I have been wanting a place to get away to. Barring a physical place, your blog provides a brief respite each day from the world pressing in.

I hope you are able to continue as you've been. Though, taking care of yourself is the most important.

I am very thankful to have "met" you.


Betty said...

There you have it Brin, we all want to read your blog! This is your ministry..but I know that sometimes things get a bit 'dicey' so will understand whatever you decide to do.
Oh and please perfect that blueberry cake soon...

Jen said...

Wow, Brin! You have obviously influenced so many people through your blog! It really is amazing. I know you have impacted my life with all of the warmth, beauty, inspiration, humor...the list could go on...that comes across cyberspace and into my living room. I hope that you'll find away to shut out the ickyness.
What would we all do without our Freeman House Fix everyday?

Kathleen Grace said...

Dear brin, I am so sorry that a few bad apples are ruining things. I have had some other wonderful blog friends end their blog for the same reason and it is just heart breaking for those uf us that enjoy them so much. I hope if youtake it private that you will let me be one of the 100, my college age daughter reads you too and loves My Messy Thrilling Life!
Maybe you can contact blogger support and ask what they can do?

redeemed diva said...

Looks so yummy! Totally understand your volume problem. Hope I can be one of the 100...One way around the problem is to do a draw for 25 spots of people you don't know personally...or you could post a second private blog and call it Messy, Thrilling Life 2 and it would be for your blogger friends who you don't know personally. Might be a bit of extra work, but it gives people like me a chance and hope of still getting to read your inspiring and lovely blog.
If you make the decision to just have 100 people, please give us a shut down date...maybe we can have a goodbye Brin day for all the people who don't make the cut. You know, keep with the celebrating the ups and downs of life theme that you write about. Praying for your decision.

Anonymous said...

B - I know you've been a little freaked out about this lately, and you probably have a reason to be, but you're smarter than you give yourself credit for being, and tough too. If you need to pull a plug on this thing, DO IT NOW! but like I said you're smart and fearless, so think of another way to keep yourself safe without pulling the plug on this blog. for heaven's sake, you have no idea how many people out there are really counting on this blog everyday, as is obvious by the comments. (No pressure orr anything) Just know that really the blog folks aren't likely the ones to come after you, (the legitimate ones, anyway.) Call me before you hit delete or pick your chosen 100!! Kalie

Anonymous said...

Oh Brin - I am so sorry to hear you might go private!

I have - um - a 'few' years on you, and am a single momma to 2 beautiful little girls - but you have definitely become one of my 'daily reads'.

I am trying so hard to walk back to where my Lord and Savior wants me to be - and I have really enjoyed the inspirations in your pages! Plus, you just do a lot of really fun looking things!

I hope you can find a way to extend the invitation to many -

Take care - Kate

Diary From Africa said...

I read your blog daily, all the way over here on a remote farm in 3rd world Africa. You inspire me to find the beauty in everyday life, you inspire me to look at things in a different way, and to be a better blogger myself ... you are my most favourite daily 'read' & I hope that I can continue to read you daily. Wishing you all good things ....

Anonymous said...

Oh I've only just found your blog in the last month and already it's a big daily read of mine. I hope that you can manage to keep it out in the world and ignore the horrid people. You writing always manages to make me smile even when I've had a bad day, and I find it quite inspiring...please stay!
JD from the Cotswolds in the UK

Anonymous said...

1. Can't wait for the recipe
2. How does one qualify for an invitation, once your blog goes private? I would really miss my daily peek at Texas life!

:-) from Tine in Denmark

Tricia said...

Ok, if you are taking this private, I guess I should de-lurk and comment. I love your blog, and your recipes; in fact your skillet cookie has surpassed my love of toll house cookies, and I loved how easy it was to make!

Pippi said...

I can't believe that anyone would want to comprise your refreshing-inspirational-insightful blog. I just recently "found" you and Please-Please-Please want to be included in the fortunate 100!

Anonymous said...

What can I say? I LOVE blueberries.

Brin, don't give "healthy food" such a quick dismissal. God gave us a lot of really great foods, and healthy can be good :}!

As for those "crappy" people please know your blog blesses so many people. It's not often we get to share so much with so many. Your sweet spirit, and obvious love of the Lord shine through. Don't let the attack move you.

Isaiah 40:31

Bob James - Brownwood, TX

Anonymous said...

Brin, I read your blog all the time but rarely leave a comment. Please don't leave us out in the cold. Ha. You are loved sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog...enjoyed every day of your Istanbul trip with you...please add me to your list??
Hopefully, for every nasty person out there, you hear from 100 supportive ones! Unfortunately, some people are jealous of strong independent women.
The blueberry cake looks yummy..can't
wait for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

The blueberry cake looks yummy!

I rarely comment but I do so enjoy your blog. It's very inspiring. And I can't wait for your cookbook to come out. Would love to be one of the 100 that would be allowed to view your blog if you decide to go that route.

~~Mary Jane~~

Anonymous said...

Okay this is a biggie for me! I have never ever left a comment on a blog before, but when I heard you might go private by invite only I about cried. I am so very technologically challenged I am lucky I found this interesting, wonderful blog in the first place. I love coming here and seeing and hearing from a Christian woman who never professes to be perfect....just forgiven. your trials and tribulations are ones we all go through yet are not eloquent enough to voice it. I love coming here.....hope I still will!

Betty said...


The devil is so diligent in trying to destroy any goodness and quieten any good influence....your blog emanates Christian values.

It was said once by a godly man, "all that evil needs to triumph is for good men (or woman in this case)to sit still and do nothing."

Keep up the good work.....Betty

Adrienne said...

Dear Brin -

I would miss you if you were private and I wasn't in the 100 but I would understand. Could you have duplicate blogs? One by invitation only that allows comments and a public blog with basically the same photos and information but with no comments allowed? I don't know what would be involved to 'cut and paste' each post into a second blog. It may be the answer - and it may not work. Whatever your decision, I will understand and miss you if you close up shop to many of us who love to drop by each day. You must follow what your heart tells you to do.

Bren said...


I am, also, a lurker, in a non-threatening way. I love to read your blog everyday. You have a beautiful way of writing and I love to see what wonderful things you have created. I feel that we are kindred spirits, although I have a few years on you. Please allow me to enjoy your kindness by putting me on your fab 100 list. I also love to see what is going on in E, TX since I am homesick for my childhood home in NW La.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Wow!!! I just discovered your blog and so identify with you. I love to read too and your house I would love to live in. Your recipes all look wonderful and I too love lasanga.

S Stargell Designs said...

The cake looks fabulous. I will have to go see what I can stir up from he pantry.

As far as going private, does blogger have a way to ban certain commentors? You could always preapprove comments before they go live.

I am sure that you understand from the other comments how very much your life and writings have touched us. Planting seeds in the hearts of crappy people is hard work.

Please prayerfully consider all your options, and the Lord's guiding hand will lead you where you are supposed to be.

The Babysitters Love said...

I do hope to be able to view your blog in the future! It takes me away from the reality of the way our world is and promises me that it can still be a beautiful wonderful world in which we live. Please don't leave Brin!

Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

I just discovered your blog not long ago and have been checking it regularly! I love reading everything...and the recipes...yum! I can understand your need to keep the creeps away! I'd never ask to make it into the 100 cause there are so many wonderful girls that post comments that should be there. I'll miss you if that's the way you decide to go!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Brin~

Your blog is so lovely!! I'm sorry there are some who spoil things. I think there are so many many more of us who are incredibly blessed by your writings and photos.

I hope you won't have to go private ~ I think it would be impossible to include everyone (who adores your blog!) with just 100 invitations. I think there are many more than 100 of us that admire you and are blessed by your writings.

Not to worry though ~ ask GOD to give you wisdom in this. He has spoken through you in so many of your writings here. He will direct your path in this too. Proverbs 3:5-6 is such an encouraging promise in moments of decision.

Blessings to you~

BethandCo said...

Well, I for one will be sad if you go private. I'm like Lori in Fresno; I haven's commented until today but LOVE your blog. You always teach me / remind me of things I need to know or remember. I'm sure you have plenty of people lined up to have permission to access your blog. If you have room I'd still love to visit. I'm not a crappy person! I'm just a wife and mom who likes to find kindred spirits when surfing. Bless you! Beth W. from New Orleans

Julie said...


I never see anyone leave an ugly comment (why would they?!?!) Are they e-mailing you? If so, maybe you could disable that feature.

It would be such a shame (to put it mildly) to lose you when you touch so many.

As others have suggested, go to God.
Matthew 5:16, "Let your light shine in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your FATHER who is in Heaven."
Brin, don't let those ugly people put your light out.

Many Blessings,

Michelle said...

Hi there!

I love your blog too and I hope you don't let a few meanies run you off. Have you thought about maybe closing the comments section. Then you wouldn't have to read the meanness. Of course, you wouldn't read the kindness either. If you do go private, please toss my name in the hat. (o;

Anonymous said...

Brin, going private would mean a HUGE loss to so many appreciative readers. I sincerely hope that this long list of accolades will encourage you to explore another way to protect yourself. Having many years on you, I only discovered the joy of blogs approximately a year ago. Yours is one of two that I read every single day. I hope that, should you go private, a non-blogger such as myself... one who looks forward so dearly to your inspiration will be one of the chosen few. A devoted fan from Canada!

KarenS said...

Brin, I was so sad to see you want to make your blog private. I can understand not wanting to deal with crappy people, though. If you do make it private, I hope to be one of your 100. Your wisdom, perspective and willingness to share your life have been a real inspiration to me, as well as others with whom I've shared your postings. I'm a Dallas girl and native Texan, so you really speak to me. If you do end up making this private, that is okay. I wish you all the best and that God will pour out his abundant blessings on you in every area of your life. Thanks for being a part of my life, for a little while anyway :-)

The Tomball Three said...

WHAT?! People are mean to you on your blog? That's awful!

I guess the only way around it then is to just try to ignore it. That's so sad... I'm sorry!

Daffodil Hill said...

Please include me in the 100 if you decide to go private. I rarely comment, but read daily. Your blog is a great inspiration to me.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I've got to agree with Shanda's comment -- it seems there are always people willing to spread their negativity, the trick is not to buy what they're offering. Still, I know that's easier said than done and, ultimately, you have to consider your own safety. I would be so sad to see you take the blog private. I read regularly and enjoy your posts so much. I'll pray that God will give you the wisdom and the courage to make the right choice, whatever it be.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I too feel compelled to come out of the shadows and say how inspiring I have found your blog. It's ashame if you feel you have to privatize it, but I agree with Vee--while I hope it's not the case, I wish that you find clarity and peace in making your choice. Just know that there are many silent readers to whom you have brought great joy and perspective. I am grateful for the gift however long it lasts but you must also protect your heart...

diana said...

your humor,pictures,stories, about your life are such a breath of fresh air... thank you

Cristal said...

Thank you so much Brin for not taking your blog private! It is now Jan 28, 2012, I just found your blog about a week and a half ago and have been reading it from the begining. You and your blog have truly been an inspiration and a blessing to me. I have loved reading about Freeman House, your many trips, love your recipes and all the creative things you do. I realize it has been almost 4 years since Mae passed but I cried like a baby reading that post, I too lost my cat 2 years ago after having him for 6 years, and it brought back all the memories of him. I love your writing and your photos, you have a very unique way of pulling your readers into your life and letting them be a part of it. I'm not exactly sure where your blog leads next but i am anxious to find out. Again, Thanks from the future, Cristal