Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Fantastic Than Any Dream...

Stuff your eyes with wonder,
live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds.
See the world.
It's more fantastic than any dream.
-Ray Bradbury

I lead a somewhat fantastical life. Truly. Always have. Some nights I crawl into bed and think about what happened that day: what I saw... what I heard... what happened to me or around me. And sometimes even I don't believe it.

In 2000, I worked at a small ABC affiliate station south of Abilene. I got home one night around nine, and got out of the car with two sacks of groceries in my hand. It was December, and dark. I was just about to slam the car door shut when someone grabbed my elbow. He silently began pulling me down the driveway toward the street. I yelled, and swung the plastic grocery sacks across my body as hard as I could. He gasped as the sack of canned goods hit him square in the pants' zipper. Even today I close my eyes and remember the glare of the street lamp, and underneath it a plastic sack splitting open and cans of green beans rolling toward the street and him stumbling backwards.

Later, after the cops left and my boyfriend came hurrying over, I told him the story. He was, I think, already used to my life. He sighed and I remember wondering if he was simply tired of believing my life. Then the next day he found the guy's wallet near the stairs of my above-garage apartment. My would-be attacker was named Jeremy Damon Kelsey, an ex-con who served time for possession and sexual assault. I let my boyfriend hand the wallet over to the police. Even I was tired of dealing with my life.

And so it's gone. I met President Bush today, I'd say. My friends would roll their eyes. Today I talked to Martha Stewart, I reported one May day. (If I hadn't worked for CBS Radio, no one would have believed me.) And, Two bailiffs hunted me down and hauled me in front of Judicial District Judge Steve Ellis today because I sneaked a recorder into his courtroom. And, I have a cervical cancer issue, I told my family in 2001 and again in 2003. Again, disbelief. But I did, I did, and I did.

That's about the time I decided I needed to start carrying around a camera. About the time I realized my own life was as big a story as I'd ever get. The darn thing just won't stop.

In yesterday's comments, Grace said my life reminded her of Nancy Drew's. After all, I'm always in some tangle or another, and trouble has a way of finding me. She would know. But sometimes I wonder if even those close to me get tired of the stories and the impossible. Stories like, Today on the way home to Freeman House I ran into a herd of Arabian camels and one yelled at me...

Well, I did. And unfortunately for you all, I now carry my camera.

This life. I'm telling you. It's more fantastic than any dream....


Seawashed said...

I believe. I believe you, Brin...and that is why we all love to visit your blog and read all about what you've been up to! I so enjoy it all!!! BIG((hug)) to you sweet girlfriend. Keep livin' the dream. hee hee

Where in the world(usa, I mean) we're you in January running into camels?!

Mama Lisa said...

your a funny girl and you truly have a gift for words. don't ever give that up. your post made me laugh out loud...your messy, thrilling life. you wouldn't want it any other way i am sure. hang in there.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Nancy Drew! I was thinking you're more along the lines of the female version of Shaggy on Scooby Doo, I should probably send you some Scooby snacks...LOL, Just kidding :)! Nancy Drew you are! I loved reading Nancy Drew as a child, who didn't? I just knew when I grew up I was going to be just like her, but I'm NOT, here you are Brin, our own little Brin Drew :).

In our world today it's difficult to find honest people, what a blessing to find you Brin. Don't let anyone else tell you any differently, I believe you and perhaps that's why I enjoy your writings, it brings happy thoughts or other memories, childhood memories and the likes. Please keep sharing your beautiful stories, even the scary ones, they may help others and remind them to be safe. God was truly with you that night you were attacked by Jeremy.

I'm glad you're on your way travels. Have a wonderful day! :)

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

PS....are you sure you weren't driving past Israel when you spotted those camels?

Betty said...

Let's just say I'm glad that I am only reading your blog and not living your life! LOL
Blessings to you..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the latest "out loud" laugh....

As one who once saw an angel wearing a USA Today t-shirt in the middle of an ocean (and he talked to me), I can totally identify with the camels, attackers (I've had my own), and old houses (had one of those, too).

No one will ever, ever say we didn't LIVE life!!!!

Love you.

Terri Steffes said...

I love seeing life through you because mine is the total opposite. If something exciting/fun/different is going to happen, well, I cause it to be. I do think you have experienced many things that I would never want to... (man attack) and others... but on the most part, I think you have a charmed life.

Anonymous said...

I just can't wait everyday to get here and see what thoughts you have put into words and strung together into sentences. I just Love it! You are a wonderful writer. I enjoy "listening" to your stories everyday. Don't stop Believe'in (little Journey reference). Because I won't!



My little Spanish style cottage said...

I have been reading your blog at night.When the house is quiet and I get a thought or two together.I am 42,just saying the number makes me realize that I still remember being 18 and thinking 35 was OLD!I have had a life of "who is going to believe this" moments also.AND getting older does not change that.
The adventures still come and at times you think, my gosh even I don't believe it.My first husband had affairs.I guess he thought being married meant you could still date others.We divorced when I was 31.After he left all the idiots in the town I use to live in thought they would come by.I gave no one the time of day.I went to check the mail one day and this idiot named Kevin said nice truck.All I said was "thanks"thats it.That started a year of him stalking me, police being called out twice weekly.He would break in, it was awful.Court dates, restraining orders,I thought my life would never be back to, need I say normal..ok, normal for me.I was raped once in my life and knew where this idiot was going.Finally after over a year and jail for him, it stopped.Even now I am leary of people.I met my second husband and told him to hold on because it was going to be a bumpy ride and never boring.He can't believe the things that happen to me, the poor guy says "only you"We don't have any kids becaue I can't.BUT we have three dogs and I take of my mom who has two kinds of cancer.Life is never easy.AND our life expierences make us who we are.You my dear, have alot to be proud of.Hold your head up high and write your adventures down, good and bad. I have kept a diary since I was 8.Alot of it is painful but alot of it I read and think I lived through it and still don't believe it!Hang in there and enjoy each day and ALL the adventures good and bad it has to bring!

Beverly said...

Thanks for sharing your fastastic, messy, thrilling life with us ... your blog is one of my favorites and I look forward to each entry.

GirlonTour said...

I know it is an old post but I am catching up. I loved this post so much because I totally relate! Sometimes I think when I signed up for this life that I must have put in the contract, please give me at least 3 lifetimes in 1, I want to get the most value out of it! But I wouldn't have it any other way