Monday, March 2, 2009

The Sale(s)

Thank you for all the encouragement. The sale went off without a hitch. I was awakened Saturday morning around 5:40 AM by a man pounding on the front door. He made me an offer on some of my furniture, threw it on his trailer, and made off for Canton. And so the day began.

I was sad that morning. You know, at first. But as people came - friends, neighbors, strangers - I got caught up in seeing my stuff drive off and wadded, crinkled bills coming in. And each dollar seemed to say, See? Don't give up on your dream yet. See? This life is worth fighting for. See? He can make old things new. Even for you.

I made enough to pay what was back-owed through February. So, slowly. Each milestone a hard-won victory in the furtherance of dreams I'm not ready to give up.

Several of you, and many more of you via email, suggested I place certain items up for auction on eBay or Etsy. I didn't consider it until a woman offered me $2 for a set of tea things, which I've adored for years and even blogged about here. I told her, politely, no way, and rounded up the set and several other cherished things. So I decided to take y'all's advice. (Yes. In Texas "y'all's" is a word.) Are you ready for this?

Okay. Up for auction from Freeman House, for the next five days, to the highest bidders:

A Fruit Harvest Tea Set, pictured above. My favorite cups for espressos and tastes of tea. I adore this set and use it often... usually with a good book and fluffy blanket. I'll only sell these to someone who's nice and will promise to love them. You can view the auction by clicking here. (And the set, again, was blogged about here.)

The Staffordshire. [sob] This is the beautiful set of dishes I used and blogged about beginning during my cabin stay in Colorado. (Remember the strawberry shortcake? That was the Staffordshire.) The set was purchased in a little mountain shop in Dolores, Colorado, and has since been used for lunches and teas at Freeman House. You can view, bid on, or watch the auction by clicking here.

The Leaf In My Cup cup. You may remember this mug from the fall of 2007. This, my friends, is my go-to hot chocolate mug in the fall. It is especially comforting along with a good book, a great movie, or an afternoon with someone you adore. It's been blogged about here. If you've been looking for the perfect fall/afternoon/reading/rainy day mug, view the auction by clicking here.

And last and least, it's my Imagine Magic Girl. With her vintage ribbon and silvery/antiqued tinsel, she's hung around Freeman House reminding me that the impossible is possible, and that there's a bit of beauty and a bit of magic in each day. View this darling by clicking here.

Wow. That was a lot of links and clicks. I'd like to thank those in advance who follow or bid on these auctions. So you know, all money will go toward paying the taxes on Freeman House so it isn't sold by the county. (I'm still about $300 short.) Certainly there are more worthy and pressing causes, but my thanks to any who are willing to take home a bit of Freeman House - and this blog! - in the name of saving this dream of a place.

Questions? Leave them here and we'll get them answered. In the meantime, happy eBay-ing! -Brin


Kerri said...

I clicked on the auctions and i just had to comment: for the leaf mug you have a picture of it on top of a stack of books. i noticed "the way the crow flies" was in that stack! i read it a while ago and i loved it.

Elenka said...

wow, I'm sad about the leaf in the cup cup. When you first blogged about it, I remembered liking it. And then one day, voila, I found one to purchase, and I did.
It'll be sad for you not to have it anymore.
I hope you make tons of money.

lady jane said...

Our Lord meets needs and He's certainly meeting His time and way. How special. How blessed. How worthy of praise. :o)

Bless you.


Erin said...

God Bless you, Brin.

Jenn said...

We have done this too. It gets easier with time as our earthly posessions, though loved, will not go with us on our eternal journey. It is my hope you will find comfort in this.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I'm glad you did well, and I'm heading over to ebay to look at these lovelies! Your photo accompanying this post is absolutely beautiful!

Erin said...

Should you have time with all of your goings-on, stop by my blog, I have a blog award for you. :)

Rosa said...

I just checked out your auction and I'm wondering if we are able to bid from Canada?
It says shipping is in the U.S.
Fingers crossed that you top $300 when you're done.
(Actually, I'm saying a prayer. It's more effective than finger crossing!) ;)

Brin said...

Thanks, all.

Rosa, I'm only taking bids from the US. And I'm sorry. My only experience selling with eBay prior to this was a situation where I got *badly* burned by a woman out of the states. I mean, totally taken for hundreds. So unless I can get USPS tracking/delivery confirmation, I'm not willing to ship. Just a precaution, and I'm sorry it affects the honest girls and even the several friends I have out of the country! :(

Thank you for your interest... all of you! I'm so blessed by your words.


Cindy said...

Oh Brin...I too have had to part with everything I owned. The mundane to the fabulous. Things I really loved, and things that meant little to me...other then a dollar bill.

It was a painful, wretched winter for me in 2003. I let it all go. I lost everything I had. God stripped me of every last thing and dream, and I built new ones.

I feel your angst. I wish I could give you a hug.

Peaceful sleep dear girl....God Bless.

Linda Z said...

I amazed by your willingness to hold loosely to things. I hope you are able to keep your sweet house.

Jenn said...

I only wish I could afford to bid on anyone of your lovelies, but we are pinching everything to stay afloat here. Prayers,blessings and love to you and your sacrifices, in that you will be provided for your willingness to give up what you hold dear to save your dream.

Sharon said...

What happened to your link to donations to Freeman House?
I love the thought that we can all do a little and together it will be a lot!
God is in the multiplication business.
I want to share part of a Prophectic Word from Chuck Pierce that encouraged me in my situation.
" Do not lean on your own understanding concerning the promise that you are contending for and the conflict that rages around you. I am producing the law of the spoil within you that will cause you to govern the field that I've give you. Watch with me! I have put many treasures in your safe keeping for this next season. You will have to learn to watch in a new way to secure those treasures. Allow me to reorder your prayers that will reorder your steps that will form a new path for you to walk on. There are treasures on this path that will fill your treasure box for seasons to come.
This is the time for you to say "I will govern the spoil that God has given me" Stretch out your hands before me and I will show you what I would have your hands grasp. many resources are around you that you are not seeing. I will show you how to put your hand on the resource that will multiply and cause you to secure your future. For some of you, this will be like a knob. For others it will be levers. For others it will be a pin. For others it will be a key. Watch until you see the point and moment to grasp what I have for you"

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh Brin, I'm sad for you, but proud too for doing the hard things to keep Freeman House. New this year when you do your taxes, you get a credit for your property taxes so that will help too. You will make it, you deserve too.

Lynda said...

Brin, I'm so sorry that you have to part with such precious things -but as you've said before, they are just material possessions which pass through our lives ... they have brought you great joy & will now pass joy on to their new owner/s.

If I didn't live in wildest, remotest, 3rd world Africa I would bid on them too - although I doubt they would make it all the way here in one piece !

I can't believe the lady who only offered you $2 ! I'm so glad you are auctioning them on Ebay as you will get a much better price, not that you can put a value on things like these.

Warm greetings from the foothills of Kilimanjaro :)

Samantha said...

Brin, PLEASE publish your PayPal address so that we can help. Even a dollar or two from most of your readers could make a difference. A lot of us have been where you are and would feel honored to help. I would love to buy your things on eBay and then let you keep them, but that is out of my budget, but I could make a small deposit in your PayPal account. We all need help in some form from time to time. This would be a hand up - not a handout.

kykathy said...

I am in agreement with Samantha, let us know the email address you use for Paypal! I, too, can share a little, if not alot. We're your friends, and friends help each other thru the tough times! Most of us have been in situations where we accepted help from our family and friends, even if we would have preferred to make it on our own. My family came thru for me big time a couple of years ago when I needed it most, so maybe it is time to "pay it forward".

Brin said...

We'll have to have a free girls-helping-girls weekend at Freeman House after all this is over! My paypal addy is: (But I don't answer email at that address...)

Wow. :)

Dawn said...

Have you thought about publishing all or part of your blog as a book to help raise money?

If you go to there is information on self-publishing (and I am sure there are other websites that do this as well). Depending on the book specifications it can be pretty inexpensive.

I am sure many of your readers would buy the book to have uour recipes and to have as a reminder of your wisdom.

Just an idea.

Sammy said...

I am wanting to get on the newsletter list. Please add me and then I wanted you to know that I am praying for God to increase all that you are doing and that He will continue to use you in His work
SGordy at comcast dot net

Manic Mom said...

I'm wishing you luck on your sale. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Dawn!
I would ((love)) a recipe book by Brin. My favorite is the Strawberry Sugar Bread one.--Praying blessing upon blessing for you Brin.
hugs and prayers from Colorado: Samantha

Michelle said...

just a thought...

Maybe set up a paypal button for donations on your blog. I know you said you were canceling your blog, but I pay for a paper every Sunday. I'd rather donate to your blog and keep it going, while helping support the writer of said blog.

something to think about

Joyce said...