Thursday, March 8, 2007

Updates All Around...

Ah, the view from the bottom. The bottom of painting the library, that is.

Update #1: Freeman House. It was time to resume painting on the old girl yesterday, so armed with a roller, ladder, and bucket, I went to work painting the library walls. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I abandoned my plans of painting the room a deep, deep green in favor of a light neutral. It looks yellow in these pictures, but I assure you it's not. It's more of a mellow, creamy color. I think we'll be happy, the mellow creaminess and I, for a few years, anyway....

Now all that's left is painting the trim, which consists of four 8 foot windows, three doors, and an enormous fireplace. And I've not yet decided whether to paint the mantel or continue sanding it down to its original wood and staining it....

I did decide, however, when I was finished painting, to run outside, clip some blooming branches in pink and violet and lilac-colors, and adorn the mantel. Whatdya know. The room is slowly being revived.

Update #2: The brother. I'm thrilled beyond measure to report that the injured brother is expected to make a full recovery! I drove fast and feverishly to my folks' on Monday, only to find Jere up making his bed. (Good kid, that one.) Amidst the balloons and candy in the room, he showed me a newspaper article describing the game in which he was injured. When it referred to the injury incurred by "ace pitcher Jere W", I swelled with pride. He's looking great, (as long as you avoid looking at his right eye), and he'll undoubtedly be back on the pitcher's mound before the season is over. God is good!

Update #3: The Big Berry Question. By my count, the strawberries have it by 6 votes. So while there will be blueberries galore available one day soon at Freeman House, summer strawberries it is!

I better get these and a few others seeded, then. I'm hoping they'll nicely compliment the three varieties of strawberries I already have working. (And hey! This summer after jamming season, maybe we'll have to do another giveaway. I'll be willing to bet organic, homemade jam will be on its way to a few someones before fall...)

Update #4: The Death of Superfluity. Some days, my personal "frugality" challenge (as one anonymous commenter brilliantly labeled it), is easier than I planned. Other days, it is 2-day-old-chicken-fried-steak tough. To date I have spent a total of $41.39 over and above my mandatory bills. That $41.39 includes groceries, shampoo, and one.. ahem... one used book off Amazon. (It was only 79 cents!) And I have not eaten out or bought a single magazine, coffee beverage, ebay item, or any other extraneous thing in... what's today?... eight days? That's progress for me, my friends.

Here is what I have done, though: I opened an online savings account through I actually rolled existing savings (meager as it is), into this account because it offers 4.91% interest. That's unheard of for a regular, no-fee, no-minimum-balance savings account! Although I've only done business with these folks for 7 days now, I'm extremely impressed with them. Check it out for yourself.

Also, in Death of Superfluity spirit, Maebelline the cat and I sat down and decided we'd each give a little to causes we care about. I chose my church, and Mae chose the SPCA. So Sunday I wrote a special check to the church and Mae went online to and made a donation. I was proud of her....

Okay then! Consider yourself Freeman House Updated. I'd love to sit and chat, but our tiny public library is having a blowout Books and Brownies Sale next Saturday, and I have a list of things to tackle. Have a wonderful day! -B


Heidi said...

I'm so curious about the Chimney! Any updates on that portion of the Freeman House? I'd love to see what it looks like fully uncovered.

smilnsigh said...

Mmm, and why did you abandon your plans for deep green, I wonder.... Since you opted for a cream color, it had to do with light and etc., I betcha'.

Ohhh 8 foot windows! Oh sigh. Lucky you!!!

Wonderful news on the bro!!!!! Yessss!!!!