Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fog and Smock Talk

It's foggy this morning. It's the wet, foam-like fog that's so dense you expect to turn around and see you've cut a path through it as you've walked. And as I walked, I realized how silly it was of me not to post pictures of "the gardens three". Duh. Here they are, beginning with the beginning of the prayer garden...
At least the lilies (um... irises, I meant... thanks Wylee!) are going strong. Now all I have to do is divide and move them around a bit and add 27 other plants and a gravel walk and bench. Nothing to it, really. [Smile]

Now, a quick look at the Dickinson garden, all plowed up and ready to go....

Maybe you can make out the chair and side table I have way back there for taking mini surveyor breaks. (If you can't, of course, you can click on any of the images on this blog for larger versions.)

Ah, I love traipsing around this place...

Even indoors, too! Hey, now that we're inside, I wanted to show you a child's smock (apron, whatever you wish to call them) that I've made for the Freeman House etsy site:

Okay, first the quick story. This house had a LOT of stuff in it when I bought it. Some belonged to the previous owner, and some had been left by Ms. Freeman and her comrades. As soon as the former's stuff was gone, I began quickly going through the piles that had lived here since before I was born. In one box, I found dozens of old sewing patterns and a few articles of clothing. One was a child's smock, which though quite old, was the most adorable thing.

I searched and searched for a pattern, but couldn't find one. So I deconstructed the simple old one and made my own.

(The fabric rose was my addition.) Anyhow, I've found some great vintage fabric, ribbon, and ric-rac I'm hoping to include in a few of these, in addition to the fabric rose. Can't you just see a precious little girl painting in this... helping her mom or grandma or aunt in the house with this... or finding things outside to tuck in the pockets of this? Well, I can. I wish I'd had one of these when I was a girl!

I have more to come. (Also, a few new grown-up girl aprons, too. I want to keep them. All of them!) I'll post a few sneaks when I get the chance.

Wow. Thursday already, huh? Better quit gabbing and get on with the day. Thanks for joining me for a little fog and smock talk. Same time tomorrow? -Brin


Wylee said...

Psssst, Brin, those are irises, not lilies.

The smock is adorable! Is that etsy store open yet?

Brin said...

Wylee - lol. Thanks for catching that! I have lilies on the brain in anticipation of Easter, I guess!

The etsy store will be open March 24st, with the "Grand Opening" to officially be April 1. It's: I'm so excited! Thanks for asking!

Have a good Thursday,

Sue said...

Cool photo's, I love foggy mornings, something magical about them! That apron is adorable, can't wait to see more!!

Ann said...

Foggy days are special in their own way, but there's nothing like a sunny day!

I'd love to have your recipe for the asparagus casserole. I don't know why I like asparagus so much but I love anything that contains our long, green friends. :)

I just love reading your blog everyday. Thanks for your encouragement. May God be glorified!

Beemoosie said...

Beautiful gardens!! What fun going through treasures in your house, can't wait to see more of your creations!

RoseMary said...

Wow, your gardens are well on their way. I love the fog pictures. There's something so mysterious and appealing about fog--as long as you don't have to drive in it, that is, but I do love to walk in it. The aprons are adorable. You have a good eye with all that vintage fabric look you have going. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them. What a treasure to have all that left behind!

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