Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Rise and Fall of the Lavender Empire

The frost got my lavender!

I tumbled out to the garden after church today to see how my precious baby plants fared the freeze. Everyone was fine... until I got to the lavender fountain. The brilliantly-colored stalks were gray and shriveled and looked every bit a victim. Seems my plans of becoming an organic lavender gardener-girl have suffered a setback. Sniff.

Seriously, I found a recipe years ago in my beloved Victoria magazine for a lavender cookie. It was similar to a shortbread/sugar cookie, only you used lavender-infused sugar and dusted organic lavender buds on the top before serving. They looked heavenly. I planted scores of lavender plants in a large circle, enclosing a fountain area, for the sole purpose of growing lavender for these cookies ... and lavender sorbet. And lavender-scented ironing water. And lavender-filled drawer linings. And... hmm. (Silly frost. You've apparently forgotten how I operate. Killing my lavender will only spur me on to establish a small lavender empire. So. There.)


Did you have a good weekend? Hope so. I did! A great one. I didn't spend a single dollar, and yet it was a blast. Superfluity be danged! I have an awfully busy Monday, so I thought I'd say hello a little early this week. I also thought I'd leave you with a sneak peak of one of the aprons I've finished for my Etsy shop... Grand Opening set for March 24th. I first saw aprons on a craft blog and thought, "Oh, cute! How cute! Not sure that I'd get much use from one, though." Ha! I use mine all the time.

These lovelies make regular old jeans and t-shirts instantly cute, and the pockets are great for holding cell phones, keys, cash, and great finds when flea marketing and garage sale-ing. I also wear mine when I garden, clean the house, sew, and cook.

I scotch guard my aprons, so I can just toss and wash, and all the spaghetti sauce, dirt, craft explosions, coke spills, and house messes stay on my apron and off my clean clothes. These 100% cotton babies are easy, practical, and pretty. Love 'em!

But this is just me. What do you think? Are aprons back?

Yikes! I should have known this would happen. I should have known this would happen when I declared the death of superfluity at Freeman House. I should have known I'd start sewing and building a lavender empire!

Have a great Monday. [Smile] - Brin


Ann said...

I think aprons are IN and here to stay. Michael and I both received aprons for our wedding...with our names on them. Everyone thinks it's so cute that my friends made them for us. Plus, I have aprons that my great grandma made and I use them when I cook. They're a great gift and a great keepsake!

Anonymous said...

I think they are! I saw a slew of 'em at the Nutcracker Market in Houston last November. Looks like they're making a comeback. I love 'em, too. And yours is the cutest utility apron I've seen. Love, Auntie M

Wylee said...

Yours are such stylish aprons! Can't wait to see them on etsy!

cammyk said...

Apron are most definitely IN and yours are just darling! I have a small collection and use them all the time. I bought some fabric the other day to make some of my own...just need to find the time to do it! Hope your brother is doing well. Cammy