Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Benediction

The peace and beauty of a spring day
had descended upon the earth
like a benediction.
-Kate Chopin

We see spring for such a brief time here in Texas. It beckons, descends, and then acquiesces to the ever-impatient summer, leaving me feeling a little teased and abandoned. I've said it before, but I love spring. I wish she would hang around Freeman House a bit longer. It's so lovely with her here.

I woke up last night sweating, tangled in my damp sheets and wishing desperately for a ceiling fan in the bedroom. I think I'll buy one this weekend. With spring you can make it through the night without 8 tons of air conditioning...

...With summer you wouldn't dare. Which is why spring beats summer, and why spring is cordially invited to spend as long as she wishes at Freeman House.

But I think her RSVP mentioned that she must leave the party early... something about having another engagement up north to see to. Ah, well. At least spring stopped by briefly. And at least she left behind a happy, green tree.

A happy, green tree, and me.

Have a lovely weekend! Brin


Anonymous said...

that's it, i'm moving in with you! what i would give for your messy thrilling life. connie

Beemoosie said...

I find that I can't wait to visit here!! Love the pictures, Brin, especially the Iris. They have always been my favorites! They are barely peeking their little green leaves out up here. They're smart, it's going to snow by next Wednesday! Happy Spring!

Sue said...

I remember those kind of springs when I lived in Nevada, don't miss them at all. I love the four seasons and all they bring! And do get a ceiling fan, cheap comfort, it's worth it!! Can't wait to see those house photos, you should do before and after ones. Have a great green weekend!

smilnsigh said...

"something about having another engagement up north to see to."

Oh yes! I hope so!

Sorry that Spring couldn't stay around with you longer. But up in the Norther States, we do need Her. Oh yes! :-)


Beach Girl said...

Hey Brin~

Brownie Lady has her recipes up for you:

aka BL

RoseMary said...

Hi Brin, thanks for stopping by to see me! All your pics are so pretty and green. I am like you, I think that spring has shown up a little early this year and will be out a little sooner than usual. Not that she ever hangs around very long. This part of the country seems to be either cold or hot--not much in between. Hope you are feeling better!