Tuesday, March 27, 2007

God, Aprons, and Etsy

I remember my mother looking in the
weekly newspaper to find a new apron pattern.
She was so proud of her new aprons.
They were as important to her as a new dress.
-From MaryJane's IdeaBook

Obviously I underestimated Etsy.

Yesterday morning, armed with the energy only 5 cups of Breakfast Blend coffee can give a girl, I happily uploaded a few pictures to my Etsy site and clicked "finished". It was my first day on Etsy, and I'd made two aprons and several other items ... herbal eye packs... hand knitted 'house helpers', etc., and figured that would hold the shop several weeks. I got up from the computer and danced around a bit, then came back a few short hours later to check my email.

God is good, my friends. And aprons sell. Obviously I underestimated all of them: God, aprons, and Etsy!

I've been to the post office three times already, sending packages to California, Arkansas, and Wisconsin. (Wisconsin!) I hurried home from this Monday night thing our church is doing and sat down at the sewing machine again. This apron... which I'm calling The Emma Apron because of the name of the fabric pattern... was born about midnight.

This God, apron, and Etsy stuff can be very, very addictive. I'm having to remind myself this morning that I do, in fact, have a real life job that I better show up for. Ha-rumph.

Aprons are much more fun.

But alas, it is Tuesday, my hands-down best day of the week. I guess I better trip on over to work (stopping by the post office first, of course!), and make myself useful until Gilmore Girls comes on tonight.

Or until the sewing machine and coffee pot call my name. Whichever comes first!

Happy Tuesday! - Brin


Anonymous said...

Now if you can develop an apron that will take inches off the lower half of our bodies (or at least make it look like we are all about 10-15 pounds lighter)! Ha!

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

That's great! Your apron is adorable - no wonder they are selling like hotcakes! Keep up the great work..I so wish I could sew!

Sue said...

Congrats to you and to your aprons, they are adorable!!

Wylee said...

Pssst, Brin, don't you think some clothespin bags would look great in your etsy store? And there aren't very many of those out there... only 9 on etsy yesterday.

cammyk said...

Oh Brin of love this apron and it is already sold! Ha-rump!! I will keep checking back.