Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The New (Growing!) Recipe Index

Just in case you wanted to kick off fall with a big... eating fest, now you have help! I'm so excited to announce that my indexed recipes are now available without the hassle of digging through archives or searching the entire blog!

 Texas Sweet Tea anyone?

 Or maybe some light and scrumptious Cheddar Crisps?

 Maybe Texas Loaded Queso Dip is more of your thing. It is football season, after all!

Or maybe you're feeling that Fall Apple Cake in honor of the first day of fall? Whatever you're in the mood for- whatever recipe I've featured here over the past 11 years- can now be had by clicking that handy dandy Recipe tab above. So much more convenient, right?

New recipes will be added weekly, but I'm sure you'll see a few old favorites already.

Happy cooking! -Brin


Unknown said...

Oh yea! Thank you. I've admired your food posts for years. I'm so glad you're sharing recipes. :)

Jill D. said...

This is great, Brin! I've made your recipes over the years and this will make it so easy to access. Thanks!

I'm really enjoying watching your progress with the master bedroom. I hope you and Josh get to deflate the air mattress this weekend! :)

Betty said...

Oh my this looks delish!