Friday, September 18, 2015

Master Bedroom {DURING} Pics!

This master bedroom is coming along! While progress has been slow going and there are still several projects to tackle, I'm beginning to see an end in sight. Y'all. My air mattress will soon be a thing of the past! As soon as this room is finished, you're all invited over to beat the air out of that mattress with me, Office Space style. We'll also drink sweet tea and eat... something. It will be quite the party.


In the meantime, look! 

The dated, nicotine-stained mustard/cream colored paint is gone. Glory. We primed and painted it with Sherwin-Williams' Neutral Ground, which I am starting to crush hard on. It's soft and ethereal and muted without being too boring... i.e. the perfect backdrop color. At least for me. I have to admire you Bold Color People from the safe distance of my neutral quarters, you understand. Hee.

Anyway. Paint has gone up. All woodwork has been sanded, puttied, primed and repainted in Sherwin-Williams' Westhighland White

The old window unit is also noticeably absent. Here is was, before:

And now:

 So long, farewell, you old gross thing.

(Also, please see yesterday's post re: broken camera and cell phone pictures. Yeah. Sorry.)

Moving on. This weekend, we tackle the hardwoods and the cut-in-half window. But here's a general idea of where things stand now and what remains to be done:

So quite a bit still to tackle, but I can definitely see this calming, gorgeous space beginning to come together. What a respite it will be! 

Off to get ready to tackle that floor restoration. Whoa boy. Hope your weekend turns out more fun than mine! -Brin


Susan said...

Fantastic !!!!!! I hope you are documenting all of this in words and photos Brin - for that first (of many) lifestyle brand books.
You have exquisite taste in home decor/renovations + all the wonderful gardening, crafting, cooking & home keeping etc. stuff - not to mention your authentic spiritual self, I can't wait for the book ! xo Susan

Durf said...

I've become a neutral girl, too, so I can enter in! That window with the a/c is really weird - to think that someone replaced the sash or altered it is bizarre.

Keep on keeping on. You'll get there. Why are the grates no longer needed? New HVAC system?

Arwen said...

Looking great!