Friday, May 15, 2015

Polls and Pianos

I was genuinely surprised by the comments and emails I got on yesterday's kitchen post. Keep those cabinets! many of you said. Tear them out and update! others argued. So I decided to put it to a vote. The poll is in the sidebar now: if this were your home, would you  keep the cabinets and existing kitchen layout, or would you renovate? The survey is open through the end of the month, so get your vote in soon!

Lots of folks remarked about a window above the kitchen sink. Not happening. There are two rooms beyond that wall, so a window there isn't an option. Any windows will have to be installed on the south wall. The sink is facing east. It's so dark in that little kitchen now though, isn't it? My tentative plan was to relocate the sink to the south wall where there's currently a door leading to the sun room. That means, of course, that the original cabinets are goners. Ack. So much to decide, and soon!

We're days away from moving in and actually getting a real feel for the place. Today we moved my piano into the house. I wanted, so badly, to sit and play and play and play. Didn't happen, but it will soon! I'm itching to play the piano with the windows open. And bake bread in the (new) oven. And pick peaches from the peach tree. And hang sheets outside to dry. Today it was gray and raining and everything was so green. Sitting on that porch was the most solace I've had in a long time.


By the way, I wanted to tell you that we already have honey in the bee hive! Update on that next week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Vote in the poll, and I'll see you here Monday! -Brin


Mom said...

Love the new house, trash the kitchen. Thank you for the lovely Mother's Day bouquet from the garden and the plump, soft, colorful, knitted pillow which, you know, will get lots of use! I can say that I don't remember ever receiving yellow roses, and the color scheme was beautiful. I kept it on the dining table as long as possible, dried the rosemary, used the mint, and pressed the dainty yellow flowers. Also, I like the onion blooms which added that special global dimension to the arrangement and love the combination of flowers and herbs. Perfect! Couldn't have been a more beautiful Mother's Day! Thank you!

Brenda said...

Our kitchen looks like that and we've lived with it for 12 years! I hate it. Trash it so it is clean and new. You can design it to look retro.

Unknown said...

I'd hate to see the kitchen trashed but you do what is best for you, and I had no idea there were rooms on the other side of the sink, so no window is the pits but I'm sure something cute could be done with that space. You should contact Joanna Gaines with Fixer Upper, they may even take the house on as a show since they film in Texas, that would be cool!

Patsy from Illinois said...

Is there anything by where the fridge stands? I am a saver by nature and if the cabinets are good, I would probably reface the doors and keep them. Would love to see a country mural above the sink and if no hardwood under the linoleum or unable to save the floor, black and white tile might look nice. Oh gosh, here I am remodeling your kitchen for you. Sorry. Lol. Right now I vote to save the cabinets. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sherry said...

here's an idea. you could relocate the sink to the other wall, keeping the original cabinets and transforming it into a china hutch or pantry. :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

In reality, it is your kitchen/home, so you can feel free to do with it as you wish.

I do love those cabinets though and voted for you to keep them, but I see I'm in the minority. :-)

Whatever you do, I know it will be lovely.

I like Sherry's idea about moving the sink and keeping the cabinets as a hutch/pantry area. You could put glass doors on the top part.

But, it is your house to do with as you wish. Have fun making it your home.


Betty said...

Oh dear, now I want to play piano, do laundry and bake made that sound so fun! :)
I know whatever you decide you will love your new kitchen..I can smell the bread baking..

Adrienne said...

It's your home and I think you need to follow your heart. I do like Sherry's idea to move the sink and keep those darling cabinets for a hutch or pantry. Whatever you decide, it will be just right! And I think I'll take time to play my piano today while I do laundry - but I don't have time to bake bread!

Terri Steffes said...

I know it will be spectacular in a Brin way! I voted, but do what serves you and your family and this house.

Jill D. said...

What an exciting project! If you remove the pantry cabinet at the far left and the lower cabinets, you'd be able to form an "L" shaped continuous countertop on either side of the new range in the middle of the short side (centered on the same wall it's on now). Personally, I'd get rid of all the old cabinets. I think the first order of business would be to decide where you want to put the major applicances and then create as much countertop space as possible. How great that you can open up into the sunroom!

You really have great style, Brin! Don't preserve something just because it's old - your home will retain many of its original details and touches, but the kitchen is a HUGE thing for you and it should be clean, bright, efficient and beautiful! Now's the time to create your forever home, and it should be all you and Josh! I am really thrilled for you and will enjoy sharing the journey as you start to make it your own. Do you think there will be a farm style sink in your future? I'd love to have one!

Unknown said...

I think you should do what will help you love and nurture your family and create the home that does that. Since you are a baker, I suspect that a remodel might help you make your dreams a reality. But, if your kitchen is making you happy they way it is, that's wonderful too. I vote for you to do what helps you love your family the best. :)

lynne said...

Too bad that your poll is leaning towards ripping out all those vintage details. From what I know about you from reading this blog for, what ... 7 years or more? You are vintage type of gal. Keep those cabinets! Do something with the sink perhaps, (again, I like what Sherry has to say) and that other side of the kitchen, but keep the original cabinets and paint them. Yes, you need a new countertop, new floors, maybe some nice bright lighting.

But this old gal needs some Brin TLC. Whatever you do I think it needs to be in keeping with the character of this great old house.

Would you have put a big, new modern kitchen in Freeman House? Would she have welcomed that?

Lynne said...

But, after all is said and done, it is YOUR kitchen!

Rebecca said...

Oh my, I'm torn. I would say go completely new with all appliances. I do think you could think about keeping the cabinets, and maybe reface them. I really love the little cubbies. But, in the end, you have to go with what you want and what your wallet will bear. You did mention in your previous post that the size of the kitchen is an issue. If you need to expand, then perhaps that factors into the decision you make about the remodel. If it were me, I'd probably live in it for a little while and get a feel for the house, the character, what I need versus what I want, then make my decision. Not make it to hastily.

Michelle said...

Why don't you live there for a while and get a feel for the flow and the light, before making such major alterations? and re. the cabinets, perhaps you could remove the doors and use them on new frames. Or maybe just some of them. They do have a nice 1950s retro feel. That way, you could keep the detail while still getting the layout you want. Maybe you could just keep the handles and re-use them on the new cupboards. Bet they would be fantastic brass or steel under that paint!
BTW, I am living in Western Australia and I love popping in every now and then to read your blog.
You are an inspiration. Thank you.