Friday, May 22, 2015

Loading Up Weekend... here! I've been too busy to turn around except for getting boxes closer to the front door... and getting my hair under the water in the shower.

While I've sold and donated so.much.stuff this move, the crap I keep just seems to come at me in waves. Books are packed for the new library room. China and fancy dishes are packed for the built-in hutch in the dining room. Pictures are packed for those alcoves in the front room. Everything else is piled and (somewhat) organized all over the house, waiting for me to approach with box and tape.

Agh. I'm not moving again unless they light the place on fire or come to haul us Christians off to jail. *wink*

Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day weekend. See you on the other side! -Brin


Sherry said...

moving is absolutely exhausting for the one doing the bulk of the detailed and labored work of setting up FOR the move. and then comes the emptying of boxes. so exhausting. i know. {{{hug}}} praying you through this process. and SO excited for you!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh my I can just imagine!
We recently danced with the idea of moving...over the past year, we started the process; loading, packing, donating, storing and selling... what a job.
Now... we're still here!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend... I know this is a dream for you.
It will be exhausting, but oh so rewarding!

Terri Steffes said...

I know just what you mean! But boy is it fun settling in!

Betty said...

Brin, I can imagine the exhausting time packing and moving. Take a break when you can. Your new home will be so fun to set up..lots of work but so rewarding.

Gail said...

I am very excited to follow you in this adventure.

Brenda said...

I enjoy moving! Going through all the stuff, deciding what you really love, discovering things you forgot you had and the best part: putting it all together in your new, lovely home!! So exciting! I've moved 13 times but I've have been in this house the longest (the one with the kitchen like yours!). We will be remodeling both bathrooms this summer then next year the kitchen then, of course, we'll probably move! Ha! Enjoy the process. I'm so glad you are sharing with us all.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, moving is paiinnnnful. I hope it goes well for you! Can't wait to see this next chapter of your adventures.