Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Quiet Mind

A quiet mind cureth all.
-Robert Burton

That's what I'm praying for today: a quiet mind. Later I plan to slip on my present-wrapping apron and find a quiet minute and wrap a few handknit gifts. Ah, quiet time.

I love wrapping presents. When I lived in Dallas I had a present-wrapping party one year. Everyone brought their gifts and a roll of wrapping and some bows. I supplied the tape and scissors and gift tag makings and food (of course), and we wrapped and made gift tags and had a jolly time. It was fun, but I still prefer wrapping presents by myself. A little Christmas music, a little cocoa, and room at the foot of a sparkling tree and I could wrap a thousand presents.

I'm having to be really careful with the wrapped presents and the candy this year. The other night at the parade, Millie gobbed up candy thrown from floats. I was happily talking to a friend when a lady jostled my elbow and said, loudly, "Your dog is eating Sour Patch Kids." Sure enough, Millie had a plastic package of candy in her mouth, going for the kill. Since then, I've caught her in the candy canes, the presents and even the pinecones. It's all remedied now, and I'm glad to have the loot safely tucked away or in the pockets of my apron.

Speaking of aprons, if you don't have one, you need one. Dig yours out, make one yourself or choose from one of the handmade ones on the Freeman House Shop. (There are eight new ones!) Then fill the pockets with tape, scissors, gift tags, pens, bows, ribbon, etc., and you have yourself a portable gift-wrapping helper. Saves so much time, as scissors are always disappearing under paper and tape always gets... who knows where. I can't tell you the aggravation my Christmas apron saves!

Ooop... hang on. I hear rustling around the tree....


... hmm. Either Millie's psyching me out or she ate something by the time I got there. She looked all puppy-dog-eyed innocent. Who knows.

By the way, I'd like to offer a quick, heartfelt thanks to all you who've posted comments of encouragement and well-wishes on henrybella's. They mean the world. Things have been slower than I anticipated, but I'm eagerly looking toward Christmas goodies and anticipating the fun that will be had there.

Wishing you all a quiet mind today, if only in our hopes... -Brin


Terri Steffes said...

A christmas wrapping apron. What a wonderful idea. I wonder if my husband would use it too?

Rebecca said...

Brin, I love your toolbelt aprons. I purchased one from your Etsy shop back in the spring, the Molly Rose toolbelt apron.

I adore spending a quiet day alone wrapping presents. I always set aside an entire day during the season to wrap, listen to christmas CDs and drink tea. Its one of my best ways to get into the spirit of the season.

cathleen said...

Oh my goodnesss....I am laughing my behind off here....I went to your Etsy shop and there was little (big) old Millie with her head in the photo. She is getting HUGE! Brin, this made my day. Guess I am easily entertained.

Unknown said...

A candy eating pup, how fun!! Almost like having a kid in the house! LOL I too love to wrap alone, with holiday music playing and something hot to drink. I like the quiet mind thought too. Give the shop some time, it will take off. May I promote it on my blog? Anything to help get the word out! Enjoy your day!

The Raggedy Girl said...

I know of what you speak having two dogs who may know only one word in life and that word is Cookie. I cannot use this word unless I have a tasty dog biscuit available. And when I eat a cookie, four sad eyes look at me as if I am not a dog who knows how to share. Happy Wrapping to you.
Roberta Anne

Elaine said...

Will be doing some wrapping tonight. What a great idea....a Christmas apron. Love it. Thanks.

Lynda Meyers said...

:( Every time I visit the Etsy shop, there are no aprons available, nor are there even pictures of them to see what they might look like if there WAS one available.

I hope there are more soon!! :)

Brin said...

Madison - I'm so sorry you haven't gotten to the aprons in time! If you revisit the Etsy Shop and click on the "142 Items Sold" (or how many ever) bit on the sidebar, you can see every apron and item I've ever offered in the shop. Maybe that will give you an idea!

Sorry for the inconvenience. They typically go fast! Brin