Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Small Town Christmas Parade

There's something magical about tiny town Christmas parades. White stars twinkle over yellow street lights as sparse, friendly crowds gather.

Veterans carry our flag and their guns as they march by, proud and brave.

The high school band is a blur, tubas rounding out "Hark the Herald, Angels Sing". Mothers beam and siblings wave.

Homemade floats rumble past carrying friends with gloved hands and pink noses.

And finally, at the last, the big finish: Santa Claus. He waves and hohoho's from atop the shiny red fire truck, driven by our fearless volunteer firefighters.

And in the town square, the gazebo features a rocking chair. It awaits Santa and the squirming children who will pose for pictures in his lap while parents catch up and shake hands and eat funnel cake.

Ah, our small, happy Christmas parades. Long may they live.

(By the way, if you're planning on hitting up a Christmas parade or two, make and take a batch of our Christmas Crockpot Candy. You'll be a bigger hit than Santa. Guaranteed.)


Kerri said...

wow, do you live in stars hollow or something?
haha it sounds so magical, i sometimes wish i didn't live in a city.

Unknown said...

I was thinking Stars Hollow too! lol Our tiny town parade is next weekend, always fun esp. when 2 grand daughters are in it this year! Did you have a nice chat with Santa? LOL

Terri Steffes said...

I love small town parades. I work in a small town and the parades are the best part!

Rosa said...

What fun! I grew up in a small town and have fond memories of our annual Country Living Days parade. A big city parade is not near as much fun. :)

Vee said...

Reminds me a bit of the movie "A Christmas Story." Our small town doesn't do Christmas parades any more. And, even worse, someone keeps stealing Baby Jesus from the manger so we don't have a Nativity Scene any more either. So it's nice to know that somewhere in Texas these nice traditions continue.

Heritage of Home said...

Hi Brin. I looked at Henrybella's online. It looks great! And when I am done craft boothing at my local smalltown Christmas parade, I would love to order some yumminess from you! Isn't it such a blessing to have those sweet cherished memories of our grandparents that worked so hard and did so much? I wish now I could sit by my Granny and ask a few baking questions. When I was little (ages 5-7) I would ask her how she cooked so good. She would chuckle and say: "It's all the wrist". Praying for you dear sister! Love, Maralena

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely. I miss small town living.

Paula said...

Thanks for taking us along! I'm a small town girl myself and love nothing better at Christmastime than all the small town festivities and decorations.
I just found your blog through Time With Shelby and have really enjoyed my visit!
Happy Holidays~

Lady Laura said...

Lovely photos! Our 'burb used to do this when I was young. It was such fun! But alas, insurance concerns forced the city to stop riding Santa Claus on a firetruck and the tradition ended, although we still have a grand 4th of July parade and town celebration.
Your post and photos just brought back alot of beautiful memories from my childhood Christmases!

Jen said...

Reminds me of Stars Hallow, too! We must all be Gilmore Girls fans. Their town and townspeople were two of my favorite aspects of the show.
I made that candy last year--so yummy!

Rebecca said...

I love my small town Christmas too. We have the o-fficial lighting of the town Christmas tree on the square on the Friday night following Thanksgiving. You are so right, there is something special, and precious about a small town Christmas.

And, oh. my. goodness. The crockpot candy looks fab! Thank you so much for the recipe. Its definitely going on my holiday list of goodies.

Michelle said...


I dream of living in a small town like yours. Everything is so quaint similar to the parade you just saw. I'm jealous! Thanks for the candy recipe. Oh YUM...another 10 lbs added to my rear!

Donna said...

We made that candy over bunson burners when I was in high school (30 years ago!). We added pretzel pieces to it.
We have small towns all around us and I love them. McGregor, Gatesville, Meridian, Clifton are all in Texas and are so much fun!