Friday, May 25, 2007

Solitude on Holly Hill

Women need real moments of solitude
and self-reflection to balance out
how much of ourselves we give away.
-Barbara de Angelis

Ooooh but it was magical!

I arrived at Holly Hill Homestead that Monday morning with books, a sewing basket, and a bag full of cares. There, in the middle of the piney woods, I was to spend the next few days. Isolated. Alone. (Well, except for a menagerie of animals.) I was nervous. I was thrilled.

It was dark and oppressively damp that day. A storm was blowing in. The air was so heavy it seemed my bags and I were wandering through a sponge. To be honest, I felt a little Kiss the Girls as I weaved through the trees to the porch of the old cotton plantation house. Somewhere inside the foliage an animal cackled. Or yelled. Oh boy.

But when I climbed the porch steps and beheld this view, I was amazed. Ahh, this I could handle for the week. This is... wow! This is such a blessing!

And it was. Was it ever! I explored the house. I fixed myself tea and took it with me to roam the gardens...

Click picture to enlarge sign.

I walked and walked and prayed and prayed. Nearer to God's heart, I poured it all out - the fear, the frustrations, the hope. I passed apple trees and tangles of roses and herbs and wildflowers. And when I came upon this, I stayed.

Well, wouldn't you?

Ah, it was a week to remember. And I have so much to show you all! But for now I'm off for a bit of setting things right at Freeman House before my brother's graduation tonight.

Thanks for all your kind comments and wishes while I was away. You're so dear to me! I'm looking forward to catching up with each you... -Brin


Southern Heart said...

Brin, that is such a beautiful place (I always feel that I'm right there through your descriptive writing). I'm so glad that you had a great time, and could recharge your spiritual batteries...and that you are back safely, too.


Kathleen Grace said...

Brin, so glad you're back and feeling recharged. The house you stayed in is beautiful and yes, I would have stopped and stayed in that rosey bower too. How enchanting!

Beach Girl said...

Welcome back! Recharging is what we all need at times. I jumped ship yesterday and went to the pray.

Brownies and lemonade await you at Yahweh's Retreat.


Unknown said...

Wow Brin, I don't think I could of come home that soon, what a wonderful place! I love the quote you used, so true, so perfect for your little break. I can't wait to see more and hear more, and it does feel like I'm right along side of you, oh how nice that would of been! Congrats to your brother tonight!

~~Mikki Jo said...

Brin, what a beautiful place to pour your heart out to the Lord. A beautiful place to meditate. I'm so glad you have been energized and reaquainted with yourself, what a wonderful time you must have had! I'm so happy for you! ~~Hugs, Mikki Jo

Mary said...

That is a magical place Brin and that quote on the sign is one I have in my garden on a stone plaque. My Grandmother wrote it in my "autograph book" when I was a child and I have always loved it and wanted it close by to read, and reread again.
Glad you got some rest among the greenery - hope to see more pics.

Lana Manis said...

How beautiful! How could one not feel close to God in such natural beauty? I'm eager to hear more and see more...


Betty said...

OH! What a beautiful place. I would never want to come home!

Betty said...

Brin, so happy to hear you had a peaceful, restful,fulfilling week near to the heart of God....Betty