Friday, May 18, 2007

A Country Vacation, Begun

In our leisure we reveal
what kind of people we are.

I couldn't be more excited about these next few days if I tried! Vacation is underway... officially... today at noon. After a leisurely spinach and strawberry salad, I'm off to plant the zinnias and basil pulled from my mother's garden. I love zinnias. And basil....

Time off comes so infrequently, doesn't it? There's never enough. I'm the type that hates vacations with itineraries. Hate them. Freestyle leisure is the life for me. I just decided that tonight I'll likely take in an outdoor movie followed by dinner at the Honeysuckle Rose Cafe....

...Or maybe I'll invite some friends over for desserts and a showing of Marie Antoinette. But... the weather is perfect for being outdoors. Maybe we'll put on some Norah Jones and open a bottle of wine and watch the stars twinkle from the front porch...

Hmm. I do know tomorrow I'll be thrifting and blowing fivers right and left at the annual spring Treasure Trail... the county-wide flea market/yard sale extravaganza. I'd forgotten it was this weekend. Oh... the stuff to be had! Wish you were here!

So... I guess that's it. I'll check in with you darlings Monday morning for our weekly devotional and after that I'm off for the Bed and Breakfast:

Enjoy your weekend! -Brin


Anonymous said...

if you weren't the sweetest girl around i'd hate you. what a life! connie by the way did you get one of the posie scrap bags?

FrenchGardenHouse said...

ahh..I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time! It sounds fabulous, food, friends, wine, stars and a flea market, who could ask for more!

Enjoy, you lucky girl!


Anonymous said...

I echo lucky girl! Who can pass up a good flea market? So many treasures!
I too love freestyle leisure time...I like doing things on a last minute whim!
That salad spells ..y-u-m-m-y!
Can hardly wait for Monday's devotional..

Anonymous said...

Sounds so lovely! Especially the county-wide flea market! I wanna come too!

Have a wonderful time! Hope you find some treasures!


Alison said...

I'll take Norah Jones and the wine.
At the beach of course after visiting a few or so flea markets.

Unknown said...

Brin, you enjoy your weekend to the fullest!! Sounds wonderful, can't wait to see what kind of goodies you find!

Anonymous said...

Just read your post on Day of Prayer. Lovely! I wanted to know where you got your bird feeder with the hands wrapped around it? Very cute. I would love one of those. Thanks and have a great vacation!


Lallee said...

I hope you have a divine week at the B&B, Brin.

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