Wednesday, May 27, 2015


We get the keys tomorrow. Tomorrow! 

I am still.packing. But glory! This move has given me a reason to let go of so many things I was holding onto. Things. Just...stuff. I took pictures of some things, hurried and drove some things to Salvation Army before I could change my mind, and sold other things. An acquaintance messaged me today on Facebook and asked if I was okay. "I saw you selling some signs you used at your wedding," she said. "Is everything okay?" 

Yes. Everything is okay. Just wanting to start clean and necessary in this new, old place. 

Have you seen Texas in the news? It's bad, y'all. Please pray. Josh and I moved for hours in the rain last weekend and nearly killed each other we were so frustrated by the end of it. Everything got wet. Quilts I had washed and carefully dried. Linens I had packed with dryer sheets to keep them fresh. As frustrated as I was, I couldn't let myself dwell because there are still families missing and presumed dead from the flood. Still. And there's rain every day in the 10 day forecast. We appreciate your prayers more than you know. 

Since we'll be moving in the rest of the week/weekend and the Internet doesn't get turned on until Monday, my posts may be short or sporadic. Hang in with me! There's so much more to come.... -Brin


debbie said...

I hope it's not flooding there

Sherry said...

{{{..praying..}}} for the loved ones of those who lost their lives. so very tragic and terrible. and thank you for being real, and for allowing us to walk along with you. it's a delight. know that .. it really is.

Patricia @ CorninmyCoffee-pot said...

Please be careful with your move.
We have lots to be thankful for too...
We've had deluge after deluge here-- but nothing like further south.
Praying for yall!

Sue Neitzel said...

Praying for you and Texas!!

Jillie said...

Oh Brin - At this point you're chasing your tail trying to get everything packed. Then there's the left-over 'stuff' you can't make up your mind if you want it bad enough to pack it! (If you're not sure - put it in a box labeled 'open last' and decide later after settling in your new place.) I was sorry to hear about your quilts getting wet - especially after you went to so much care getting them put away for the move. I know you can't slow down this side of your move, but take a half day once you've moved in to recharge. Just sit with a (BIG) cup of tea, a flower in a vase and breathe it all in.

Lynne said...

Your little corner of Texas has certainly has its share of storms/rain/etc. this year. I feel for all the people. Fingers crossed for better weather.

Happy Moving-In Day! I can't wait for more photos of your grand old lady.

We are now at our off-the-grid cabin and seeing moose, deer, and more daily in our meadow.

I am waiting for your bee update! :) Something I think we could do up here.

Anonymous said...

So hope your move went well. Really eager to catch up with you again! Moving can be so stressful, but when you are ready to come back with more details and photos, we will be waiting!

Patsy from Illinois said...

I am getting a bit worried about you. HOw are things going?