Monday, May 11, 2015

A Call to the Hope Bringers

There were storms the past two nights in Texas. Howling, angry storms. They severed limbs from trees and houses from foundations. Sirens sounded and we huddled in halls and bathtubs, listening to the wind and hail and sideways rain. And praying. Always praying.

The wind took all but those few roses above off my rose bushes- roses I intended to make and take to mothers in my life. I was sad as I clipped through the rose wreckage yesterday and stepped over soggy ground littered with thousands of pastel petals. Oh well. There were a few right up against the house that made it. I cut those and put them in a vase with other flowering things and herbs from my garden and drove them to my Mom's. 

But what are a few roses when many lost everything over the weekend? My heart goes out to the people of Van. Homes and schools, destroyed. Bodies, battered and bruised. Hearts, never the same again.

I think it's so important, today and in the coming days, that we don't close down. Give up. Lose heart. That we walk among the shaken things and clip what roses remain and give them to each other. Give them away. Give them all away. Now, unlike ever in our lifetimes, we need people to emerge from storms and riots and darkness and be givers of Light and Hope

The Bible talks about days when things will get very dark. When trouble will touch every corner of the planet. When people will have to choose sides and unimaginable things will happen. But it's also clear that during this time, a people will arise: confident, compassionate, and full of faith. I have a friend who works with CRI and he calls these people the Hope Bringers. I love that. Hope Bringers.

Praying that today you feel strengthened in your heart and glimpse hope in the midst of trouble. -Brin

Monday Moment is a little devotional to help kick start your week. See you again next Monday!


lynne said...

I was wondering if you were in the crosshairs of those nasty storms. Glad all is well. Or mostly (poor roses.)

Have you heard of the magazine "Mary Jane's Farm?" I think you would like it!

Terri Steffes said...

Thanks for the motivational Monday post. I love reading your insightful posts.

Rebecca said...

Ahh, this was beautiful. Just beautiful. Prayers for the people of Texas.

Sue Neitzel said...

Praying for Van! Thanks for the kick start!!! How is the new home, was it hit too?

Sherry said...

Prayer for folks affected by the storms.. how very sad and traumatic. I'm thankful a few blossoms remained to bring to your mother.. I'm sure she was blessed. Thank you for this "hope bringers" post. Very timely .. for my own heart to absorb. Hugs.

Betty said...

I like that..Hope Bringers..I need to remember..thank you for the devotional post Brin.