Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Home Soon

Home isn't where you're from, 
it's where you find light when all grows dark.
-Pierce Brown, Golden Son

I got these pictures from the home appraiser yesterday, probably because we close Thursday.

We close Thursday. Thursday, I will have a house. A place of light while all grows dark.

It was a long wait, but now it's over. This week, I will have a new home!

There's so much to be done. Just look at the place! Over the weekend, Josh and I showed up to the seller's yard sale incognito so we could look the place over again. Our realtors have been adamant about keeping buyer and seller separate, so we listened to them talk about selling the place and moving and the monster king size bed in the master and nodded and murmured sympathetic things. Josh bought a table saw that was left from the longtime owner. I bought some garden tools. Then we got back in the car, more excited than ever.

The last minute curve ball (and I'm told there always is one) is that the owner requested an additional three weeks after closing to vacate the property. We wanted to say no but couldn't, really. The elderly ladies who are moving are stressed enough as it is, and we were able to negotiate a better price in exchange for allowing them to stay past closing. So we get the keys and access to the house Thursday, but work can't begin until they leave. Or May 31. Whichever comes first.

It's okay. I have so much to do before then, and I'm used to the idea now. Week after Memorial Day. I can wait.

I can't believe the home adventure begins again so soon. I can't wait to take you inside! -Brin


Leiah said...

I love the incognito, covert activities. What if they recognize you at the closing? Keep us posted!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

hahaha! that is funny...
I bet you could hardly contain yourselves!

I'm watching... this is such a wonderful adventure.

Lynne said...

Wow, closing that fast? Things must happen a lot faster in TX than they do in NJ! :)

Can't wait to see the inside. Is the fireplace you mentioned on the front porch? I can't tell from the photo.

Sue Neitzel said...

I'm SOOO happy for you!! And I can't wait to see inside! While you wait, check out "Fixer Upper" on HGTV you will love Chip and Joanna if you aren't already in love with them! Your house is their style!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations! I am so excited for you :) And that extra time will fly by, I am sure you will be glad of it as you organise and prepare.
It's been a few days since I visited your blog, so Imma back-track and get caught up. Love your house progress though, it makes me so happy!

Terri Steffes said...

I think you were so gracious about the women leaving their home... it warmed my heart. I know the house already feels your generous heart!

Gail said...

Congratulations. I am so happy you have your hearts desire; there's no place like home.

May the home be filled with love, peace and wonderful smells spilling out of the kitchen.


Lulu said...

a million years of happiness in your new home..
God Bless..

Alicia said...

Your mom's birthday! Memorable date in two ways now.

Betty said...

Oh what a beautiful house..you will love living there Brin.
I can only imagine the excitement in your hearts!

Betty said...

Oh what a beautiful house..you will love living there Brin.
I can only imagine the excitement in your hearts!