Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oh HECK no! Or, The 'Before' Kitchen

Oh, my dear friends. Pull up a chair. But...not too close. You don't want to pull up too close. Trust me.

I'm about to show you some current, (read: before) pictures of the kitchen in the new house. 

Seriously, you might want to back up a little farther.

This kitchen is bad. 

Here come the before shots. Are you guys sure about this? Brace yourselves.

The kitchen, as it is currently:

Are you still with me? Are you okay?

Omgosh, y'all. We have a LOT of work to do. "A metric ton", as Josh put it.

But let's focus first on the positives, shall we?

1. The ceilings are 12 feet tall. 
2. There are hardwood floors under that hideous, filthy and chipped linoleum. (Can we save the hardwoods, though? That's the question. Won't know until we rip up the linoleum.) 
3. The kitchen opens up to a south-facing, antique-glassed sunroom. Which is scary right now. But that just means we can bust out that wall to the right of these cabinets and extend the kitchen. Because right now it is pretty small for this big house. (Sorry. Supposed to be focusing on the positive.)
4. ...
5. It has a good roof over it?
6. Anything can be demo'd.

There. We're on top of this already.

So. First order of business in this house is this terrifying monster of a beast kitchen. I have a new layout in mind, but I'm refusing to commit to anything before we move in.

Well. I did start looking for new appliances that would fit the feel of the house and be stylish, well performing partners in this former bakery owner/certified food manager/cooks-dinner-almost-every-night girl's kitchen. And I settled on GE Artistry appliances. In white. It wasn't even a fair fight. The reviews on these beauties are amazing and they are surprisingly affordable. Win. They'll be delivered the week after we move in, which gives us enough time to introduce a sledge hammer to the kitchen and call a plumber.

I seriously hope you folks really were ready for this, because it's about to be on! -Brin

(Have ideas for the new kitchen? Comment below and link away! I'll consider anything at this point....)


Sherry said...

i see beauty. creativity. vintage loveliness. history. story. charm. i actually love the sink area cabinets with the sweet little cubby drawers.. but i'm weird that way.

you see, i restore 50s and 60s trailers (with my hub) so this kind of stuff doesn't scare me. though to be honest, every trailer we've refurbished or restored contains my tears when i've questioned myself as to my wisdom in buying the trailer, not to mention my sanity in having done so. melt down's are part of the process. **what have i done?!?!** hm. onward!!

removing that lino. always a "fun" job. heat gun and a slew of wide plastic putty knives. and if home depot has *patience in a can* you might want to get some of that too. oh. and wear a pair of shoes devoted to doing only this job. for reals.

that counter top and sink though? trash it. start over. just my opinion...


Adrienne said...

I know it will be a lot of work but you will make it a place that's beyond beautiful! I'm thrilled that you are going to see your dreams come true!

Sue Neitzel said...

Your too hard on that old kitchen Brin! I love the cabinets, esp the little drawers and all the different sizes, nothing chalk paint can't cover! And if you don't know about chalk paint, check out my blog, I just posted my kitchen remodel this morning, and you can make your own!! PLEASE save the wood floors, and I'm betting they are in good shape under the green layer! A window above the sink is a must, can't really cant tell in the photo? I have NO doubt this kitchen will become your dream kitchen! I love it!

Rebecca said...

We had that same linoleum in our kitchen when I was growing up...circa 1960s and 70s. least it has a ton of potential! I love the little cubby cabinets, I hope some of that charm you are able to save. LOVE the new GE appliances!

Sherry's post is so interesting to me because my hubby and I have a teeny tiny "cottage" on Lake Lanier that consists of a large great room that has been added onto a 1960's trailer. The kitchen, although updated, still has the tiny 1960 trailer oven...and I love it, use it, and get compliments on it all the time. I can't tell you how many people have requested to buy that little oven. Just a year or so ago we had to finally toss out the 1960s fridge...when it finally gave out. I love the vintage loveliness too...but when cooking everyday I definitely want modern.

Lynne said...

What Sherry said! :)
I wouldn't change the character of the kitchen at all. Maybe paint the cabinets, switch out the range ...
You don't really want a big modern kitchen in that lovely old house, do you really?

I had that same flooring (only in orange and yellow) in my first house in the 70s. Now that need to go for sure.

Live in her a while and see what she tells you she wants.

Anonymous said...

I agree with sue, a window above the sink would be wonderful, maybe that could be knocked out during demo week????

Lots of potential!!! I'm so happy for you and I love this adventure.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I also love the sink cabinets, just needs a paint job and if possible a window or mirror over the sink.

The floor is 'AWFUL' definitely needs to go.

I'm sure whatever you do will look wonderful. The sink cabinets just spoke to me. They have such charm.

Enjoy the process and keep sharing your progress.


Betty said...

I love those little cubby drawers. I'm not a 'designer' but will love to watch every bit of the remodelling job.
I think you have many good ideas brewing in your mind, Brin:)

Katy said...

I actually like the cubby drawers too! Quite agree about the room needing light though.

One little thing - while the floor is absolutely awful please be careful ripping it up as it might be backed with asbestos paper (it's usually 100% asbestos too).

Patsy from Illinois said...

I like the cubby drawers too. Yep, it needs remodeling but looks like the bones are good. Hope the hardwood is okay after ripping up the linoleum. That would save you a ton of money. Odd to see the stainless appliances with an oldie kitchen like that. I like the appliances you have picked out. Good luck. Hope you are in soon.

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see what you do with it! I'm excited for y'all! You've definitely got your work cut for you, but it's gonna be great! I'll say a prayer it all goes as smoothly as possible, and the wood floors are savable. :)

Lulu said...

you have an eye for doing stuff..what ever you do it will be yours and it will be lovely..
have a blessed weekend..

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love the charm of the old kitchen...the cabinets are definitely unique-- I'd love to see you keep them and make them special...
however, I have old cabinets and counters in my kitchen. There is nothing I'd like more than to have new cabinets at least on the bottom with a butcher block counter instead of my old formica.
You mentioned, and we know... you are a cook! So having a place to do your thing... and do it to the best of your God given ability, is important. When you can jump into your kitchen and get things done-- and jump out, then you will be more available for the ministry opportunities that God brings you.
Only you and Josh can know the direction to go with this kitchen-- in order to be the best solution for you.
I'll be watching!

Jillie said...

Love the cabinets. But if you plan to open up the kitchen, then probably not have enough to fill out the extension. Any way you can save them for another room? Maybe a hobby room, mud room, garage, or potting / storage shed? Recycle maybe to an outfit like Habitat?

Terri Steffes said...

Love the charm of the kitchen. I can see old wood floors, gleaming white (original) cabinets, your new white appliances, sparkly lighting. I can't wait to see what YOU see!

Running with a sharp pencil said...

I have old cabinets and I would replace them in a minute with some white Shaker ones with quartz countertops! I love the HGTV Fixer Upper show and the clean, white kitchens she favors!