Sunday, January 27, 2008

Leisure Hours

I would not exchange my leisure hours
for all the wealth in the world.
-Comte de Mirabeau

The worst thing about being sicker than a dog-kicking nun-tripper is you miss out on so much: meals you have to chew... sunny afternoons... church. But the up side is satisfactory enough: leisure hours.

I love being in my room. Miss it when I'm away. So today, after forcing myself to wash and hang curtains out to dry (blech), I settled into fluffy pillows to watch CBS Sunday Morning. Do y'all ever catch it? I became addicted while working for CBS, and it's my favorite info-tainment program ever.

Anyway, add to the sunny morning a stop-in from a darling friend (bearing pink tulips... enough for a pot on each nightstand!), and I'm in sick business. Can't seem to stop glancing over at the two beautiful pots on either side of my comfy, cozy bed and gasping at the pretty sight.

Tomorrow I'll be well, but I think I'll be sick right here for the rest of the day. You would probably want to, too, if you were here.