Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cookery Abandon and Anticipation

Cooking is like love.
It should be entered into with abandon.
-Harriet Van Horne

My, but we cooked and ate well at Freeman House in 2007! Going through some pictures over the holidays, I couldn't believe how many I had of food. And the garden. It was a great year for several things: potatoes, squash, strawberries and tomatoes. The herbs were wonderful, too, and the freezer is full to its frosty top with homemade pesto and stewed berries and tomato sauce. At least I hope it still is. It was when I was there last. (Wink)

I'm eager to be home and cooking again. And taking pictures again. I've been extremely unhappy with the pictures I've taken over the past year. They've gotten better, but they're not good. I went to the trouble of writing one of my favorite bloggers over Christmas and got some photography advice. What camera to buy, what lens to train on, what manual to use. I always said I liked taking pictures because it was impulsive: see something quaint or quirky or quiet and snapsnapsnap. No thought to it... just see and snap. I'm afraid that now that I'm actually having to try to do it right I'll stop enjoying it. Yick. If that happens we're going back to poorly composed, blurry shots. That's all there is to it.

It'll be fun to see. It'll be amusing to watch this year as recipes are tried and perfected and sampled and shared. I'm already excited just thinking of it.

Until then, I wanted to thank you all properly for the food love in 2007. For those who tried things along with me... thanks. You tickled me strawberry-smoothie pink. And for those who have yet to join in, I promise we'll find a stirring of something that will be worth jumping into the kitchen for. I just know there will be.

[More information for April, and those who've asked: the camera I've used for all my pictures is this one. Great for landscape shots; crap for anything else. Especially close ups. The camera I have my eye on (and the one Lisa uses) is this. (Gulp.) I'll probably end up with this, or something like it. We'll see.]


betty r said...

Oh my 2007 did have it's good moments, don't you think, Brin? I am looking forward to more of your cooking, gardening and whatever else you will share with us.
I did try some of your recipes and wasn't disappointed!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You do share the best with us! And I cant' wait to see what your up to this year, I'll be there, hanging on your apron strings! lol I'm REALLY looking forward to your book! I hope your home soon to live your life a little more! Hugs!!

April C said...

I have never thought your photos were anything less than extraordinary. I LOVE them!!! I'll be taking an extended trip to Italy this year and need to buy a camera. Can you make a recommendation?

Beverly said...

I love your photos, your food and book recommendations ... I had never heard of Tessa Kiros' Apples for Jam until I read about it on your blog and during my recent online shopping flurry with a 40% off coupon, I was able to splurge and purchase Apples as well as a couple other Freeman House reads. Thank you as always for all you do and share.

April C said...

Thank you for the information on cameras! I had actually looked at the $500 one and thought it looked liked a good camera, but thought I should ask around, see what others use.

Thanks you again!!