Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Chicken and Biscuits Sort of Day

I love cooking,
I love being at home.
-Lisa Snowdon

So do I. Today especially. Especially today as the rain trickles down my wavy windows, making me feel all clean and quiet inside. Yes, today I want real things: strong coffee, a quilted throw, my sturdy dining room table, the big sewing machine, and ... solitude. I crave the quiet solitude of a rainy Wednesday morning.

I'm making Chicken and Biscuits today for my cookbook. It's peaceful here, what with the bubbling pots and the falling rain. I just added two arm chairs in front of the dining room fireplace. If you came over we could sit there and sink deep into the chairs and listen to it rain and watch the biscuits turn golden.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. Until then, have a peaceful day. -Brin


betty r said...

Chicken and biscuits..yum yum! Would love to stop by..
Here the sun is shining and it feels like summer but signs of autumn are definetly showing!

Terri and Bob said...

Ym Ym. My kitchen at school had biscuits and gravy which hit home perfectly as we had a gray, sprinkly sort of day. I'd love to sit in one of your chairs, waiting for your chicken and biscuits to be done.

Sue said...

It all sounds good to me, wish I lived closer! But we are getting some welcomed rain here too, and now that I'm home for the day, I can truly enjoy it, such a lovely thing to be at home, cooking and listening to the rain! I love being home too!

Adrienne said...

Brin -
I would love to drop in and sit by your fire to chat and smell the biscuits. Since I can't I'll just have to imagine how lovely it would be!

Rox said...

I can almost smell them now.... Wish the rain were trickling down here. Still in the 90's this week. The nights are a bit cooler. Teasing me that Fall is trying to sneak in. I will gladly open the door... Enjoy your Wednesday too.

bellacolle said...

Hope your day was peace Full! What comfort food chicken and biscuits are!! Yummy.

Lallee said...

I swear you can just mention a food to me and show me one of your great pictures and now I'm hungry!

kelly said...

i've been busily catching up on your blog. :) did you ever publish your cookbook? hoping to find a post about later on... still have all of 2008 to read!! if you never did -- please consider it!! i know, i know, like you need another thing on your plate. ;)