Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quilts, Cats and Cabins

My spring quilt should be finished over the weekend. And you've no idea the hours that went into being able to type that sentence. (!)

I decided on the log cabin design for this quilt since, whenever I have a spare moment for my brain to switch to daydream mode, I'm dreaming of my cabin. I'm itching for a huge stack of handmade quilts in the cabin, especially since I never seem to have enough blankets.

Just ask Marple. You can never have enough blankets. Or quilts. What is it with cats and quilts, anyhow? If your cat ever goes missing, skip the neighborhood signs and set up a big quilt-stitching party in your yard. (Or balcony, whatever.) Within moments your cat will come running, I promise. Dogs, definitely not. Cats, yes. They can't resist the understated power of the handmade quilt.

See the little gizmo in this picture above with the loopy handle? That is a Goal Zero, solar-charged power station, and it powered my sewing machine as I pieced this quilt. I'm slowly figuring out small ways to cut my electricity dependence in anticipation of living in a cabin off grid, and this little station has enough juice to run my sewing machine for hours on end.

Oh! Speaking of. I've gotten several letters asking about my cabin plans. In case I never said, I have just over 5 acres of remote land that is bordered on the north and west by a national wilderness, and I hope to eventually have 5 cabins total: one for me and the others for women who have come out of abusive/desperate situations. For now, I'm taking my time salvaging building materials, supplies and necessary fixtures. Right now it's windows and a kitchen sink I'm after. The more character and the cheaper, the better! (It's so much fun! Wish you could come sale and flea-ing with me.)

If you're curious about what I'm going for, check out my Cabin board on Pinterest, and feel free to pass along any pictures, articles, or how-to things you think I may like.

Right. Better get back to this quilt. My self-imposed deadline is Sunday, and that will be in our faces before we know it. Happy Thursday! -Brin


Shelley in SC said...

Aaaah, your Pinterest board is positively dreamy!! I want a cabin too . . . just for me. The other 6 people in my family can live in the house : )

Linda Z said...

Sounds like such a wonderful plan! Many women will be so blessed by God working through you. I can almost envision it! :)

Vickie said...

Hi Brin - nice to see you back sweetie! I'm liking those quilt colors - very spring indeed.

I just got chickens, too. Vee told me you were back. My dad and I built a coop for them here at our place and I found 8 pullets about 3 mos old. See, I can't wait for chicks to grow up the first time around - I NEED eggs to be closer than 6 months! They are so fun to watch!

Trudy said...

Your cat definitely looks content. Love your quilt! Have you seen this video on the fair companies website?

Myrtle said...

I love your determination to dream big and prepare for it. Love the Pinterest and your blog. You inspire me. God bless

Anonymous said...

Oh how I've missed you so...

Sue said...

YOU ARE BACK!!! I am thrilled. I have not blog hopped in ages and when I saw your blog in the sidebar of another blogger I did a double take and had to come for a visit! I read all of your recent posts- backwards. Looking forward to reading all about where God leads you forward! Now to check out your pinterest board!
Sue in NC (no longer blogging myself)