Monday, July 13, 2009

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
-Sam Keen

I gathered what was left of the Freeman House tomato garden and brought it here to ripen in a sunny window. Suppose I could have made Chow Chow, but to be honest, it's too hot and I'm too lethargic. With the temperature reading 106 degrees outside, I'm keeping out of the kitchen and near the air conditioner. Later, perhaps when the sun goes down, I'll make salsa or tomato sauce and can it for the colder months.

Ready for a laugh at my expense? This'll give you a good one. Remember how I explained awhile back that Millie was pregnant? Yeah. She's not. As a new dog owner, I became desperately concerned when my girl stopped eating, began bleeding, and demonstrated three other signs of dog pregnancy. Finally, I consulted the vet. Millie was just in heat, but I was too new at this to recognize the signs. I can't tell you the relief I felt at my own stupidity... and at the realization that Millie won't be having puppies!

(Insert your favorite dumb girl/dog joke here.)


I have one load of things remaining at Freeman House. After it's hauled away, I'll say goodbye to the house forever. As devastated as I am, I do have a deep satisfaction in knowing that the place has been saved from condemnation and the wrecking ball. I'm excited about the house's future and the new owner's renovation plans. Freeman House was my scourge and my salvation, and I'll always be grateful for my time there.


The past two weeks have been anything but lazy, what with my Grandad's death and this monster-big move. But I'm sorry to say that my blogging, as well as my Etsy order getting-out, has been shamefully delayed. My apologies to each of you affected, and deepest thanks for your patience. -Brin

22 comments: said...

I'm so glad that you thought to grab those last tomatoes. Ours are still small and green.

Make that salsa or sauce and stir it full of your hopes and dreams of the future. Then later, when the winter returns open them and indulge.

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

Becky K. said...

106 degrees...I would be curled up in a ball an whimpering. I hate heat!!!

Glad for you that your sweet puppy isn't going to be a Mommy just yet.

Take care...your tomatoes look scrumptious.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Corey Davis said...

It's not quite 106 in Albuquerque, but cold beer and an open window are about as close as I get to air conditioning.

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa, and the Freeman House.

Sissy said...

Like many people in this economy, you are being affected. I am proud of you for choosing to trust God, knowing that He will see you through. Much love to you, Brin.

LindaSonia said...

Yikes, I am not a heat loving animal. It sucks the very life out of me and I am useless. LOL.

Sorry for you losing Freeman House. I just bet more dreams are coming down the pike for you.


Sue said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy every last bite of those tomatoes in whatever form they take. May they transport you back to memories of Freeman House and nourish you to take on the adventures that will follow.

Tammy said...

The best is yet to come! I firmly believe that.

shaybert said...

Oh you are on my mind and in my prayers as you go this this rough spot in the road.
Hooray for the tomatoes, you might want to make Bruschetta. Yum, makes me hungry just thinking about it.
Blessings, Shay

my recipe:

shoegirl said...

You NEVER need apologize for delayed blogging or even a complete lack thereof. We're just lucky you write and share your life with us. Glad about Millie, I'm sure that's a relief. :-)

Seawashed said...

My pup, Bella is in heat too...she's so cute, she feels bad that she gets blood on things. I have rose quilts thrown all atop the sofas and beds. I'm glad Millie is not pregnant...that would have been difficult during this of moving and all.

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

Brin, sorry, having a hard time with Blogger tonight. Your earlier blog post on Millie said;

Suppose I'm in for a lot of psychiatry soon, because Millie is pregnant. I happened upon this discovery Saturday while rolling around on the floor playing Getting Licked In the Face by My Dog.

I took this to mean that you felt puppies while rolling around on the floor with her, which would typically happen two weeks to one and one half weeks from her giving birth. If she had a large litter you would notice her getting "fat" much earlier.

I think you need a refresher course in the birds and the bees! :) Bleeding is NEVER a sign of pregnancy; in humans or in dogs.

Please take this gift of her not being pregnant and get her spayed.

Patty said...

Glad to hear Millie isn't going to have puppies (for your sake anyways). Have been thinking about you and praying for you. Know something good will come from this. Hope you enjoy the tomatoes no matter what you fix.
Glad to know you can trust in God no matter what he has come your way. I am sure all the people around Freeman House Area will miss their little "Brin". Not to be take sarcatically..meaning they all will miss you and have always loved you.

Unknown said...

When one door closes, another opens! Hugs!

Patsy from Illinois said...

Love reading your blog, you have quite a way with words. But don't feel you HAVE to write every day for us. Do it for yourself.

Glad Mill isn't preggers. You really don't need pups right now with everything else going on.

Sorry about the loss of Freeman House. But I have a question. Did you tell the new owners it is haunted?

Elenka said...

It's 67 degrees here right now, 10:17 am, in Maine.
You may long for something like that now, but talk to me in February and ask what temperature I long for! Yup, Millie story is pretty funny. At least you don't have to worry about that and you don't have to give her those sideways glances, like you are both sharing some very personal information of what she's been up to!

Feisty said...

So glad Millie isn't pregnant! I'm glad I didn't know the signs of dog pregnancy when my Skittles went into heat. I would have FREAKED out. Instead, I just got her fixed asap :)

Sorry about your house, it does sound like it went to a good owner though. I was reading Matthew 7:9-11 the other day, it's a comfort to me and I hope it is to you too.

My Arts Desire said...

So sad for you...dreams, like the Freeman House take some time to grieve. I'm sure I speak for all those who follow and love your blog that we too will miss the stories that were born in this wonderful piece of the past. Yet, we know that the hard knocks of life will not have the final say in your life. Out of the ashes God will raise a new crown of beauty [Isaiah 61:3]...I hope you'll bless us all with sharing the new beauty as it unfolds.

Great giggles on the Millie false alarm. Oh life. Never boring.

Susan said...

Oh Hooray !! The world does not need more puppies or dogs who then must find good loving homes - just check any shelter to see that this is sadly very true. You must be so amazingly relieved, what a gift at such a difficult time to not have to have that added concern & worry.

I hope you've rushed Miss Millie to the vet to get her surgery right away. Spay & neutering is the responsible thing to do "always" - I know - I had 3 dogs and 4 cats and a meager single income and I went without rather than not have my pets all spayed and neutered as soon as they reached 6 months old. Miss Millie is way past due.

Two of my cats are males that don't even go outside but just in case ... it would only take one brief escape out into the world for one of them to become a future Daddy.

Heaven forbid you have to deal with more than one dog at this financial difficult time. Phew !!

Look forward to your next venture.
All the best, Susan

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Brin, maybe I missed it in a previous post but can you tell us why you are leaving Freeman House. I'm sorry if I am being too nosy. Praying for you.

conniejk said...

I am so sorry you are leaving Freeman House but here is a laugh to make you feel better. I had my entire family at my home for Easter dinner..we were sitting at the dinning table when we saw out the window 3 ducks come and land in our swimming pool..frolicking around. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures..came back in to a laughing bunch of people..turns out the ducks were mating and I was photographing them with out a clue! boy did I feel silly!

Loblolly said...

I think Lynne needs a refresher course in manners and sensitiity. . . oh the things we are willing to say and preach to others when we are not face-to-face, human-to-human.

Brin, I think you are tough. And you must always hold on to that gift of a sense of humor!