Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Collage of Treasures

Turns out I want to do a little more with the Belated Summer Reading List than just shove a few titles at you through the computer screen and mutter, happy reading. So may I have another day to polish it? It will be worth it, I promise.

In the meantime, I'm drinking white peach tea from a cold, glass bottle while frantically uploading yet more Freeman House items to the eBay shop. (You can view all of them by clicking on the "Freeman House Sale" button on the top right of the blog.) I expect to be finished uploading all items by Thursday. There were several treasured items, you see, that I simply couldn't part with at the moving sale last week. For one, I knew folks wouldn't appreciate them as you might, and for two, I knew a few quarters wouldn't justify their sale or cover their sentimental value. Not in my sad little mind, anyway. So here they are, quietly bobbing their way down an eBay river of treasures, each looking for a new home with a new face to gaze quietly - adoringly - at them.

Back tomorrow with books. Good books. See you then. -Brin


Tara said...

Hey Brin!
I am an avid reader, so I am looking forward to your summer reading post. I have already read several of your suggestions from your blog over the past few months and haven't been disappointed yet.
Hope your sale goes well.
Hugs from NE Texas.

Unknown said...

It's hard parting with treasures. What's going on with the bakery?

Patsy from Illinois said...

You just sound so much better Brin. I am glad.
Just thinking about your cottage and a name. You seem to love sunflowers so how about Sunflower Cottage or Sunflower Acres? I think that would fit you. And I can just picture Millie romping thru a garden of sunflowers!

Michelle said...

Am headed up to read your list! Oh and I need to checkout eBay! :)