Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lettuce, Beef and Getting Well(ish)

Lettuce, picked from my neglected January garden. I tumbled it from a basket into the sink, where I swirled it around in cool water and then dumped it on the counter to towel off later. Seems everything in my life is half-done these days: laundry washed but not dried. Letters written but not mailed. Today I found one boot, properly put away, but the other in different room. Why am I so scattered these days?

Perhaps I need to switch up my diet. Since I came down with pneumonia, I've had nothing much (aside from standard holiday fare, of course) except soups, oatmeal, Ramen noodles and hot teas. Not much protein there. Last night I went to bed so hungry for a steak, I lay looking out the window, hoping the clouds would break long enough for me to see a star. I wanted to wish for a Texas-sized slab of beef. With a baked potato. Just thinking of a seat at Texas Roadhouse made me feel better. I went to sleep thanking God for the food I do have and praying for those who don't have any, but I still thought a steak sounded superb.

This afternoon I found two packages of marked-down clearance beef shortribs. Not quite a steak, but I could afford it. I knew immediately I'd make something like this, and as I put them into my cart, the face of an older, widowed lady in our town popped into mind. Okay, I'll take her some, too.... Guess we'll both have beef for dinner tomorrow. (God's so good, especially when I'm already blessed beyond what I deserve.)

So I'm glad to be feeling a bit better. I'm in a cooking mood anyhow. That winter cooking mood where you don't mind standing around the stove all afternoon since it's warm and comforting and homey. I have a cookbook I want to cook through this winter: My French Kitchen. You haven't seen it? Oh gosh. You have to. It's my favorite cookbook in the world. And not because it's beautiful, although it is. It's because I don't like French food - not so much - but I've loved everything out of these pages. The meals and desserts are simple and rustic but also hearty and pleasing. Somehow they appeal to the southerner in me.

At least it'll be something different to go along with all that lettuce.

Where was I going with all this? Um... can't remember. Figures. Must be time for more medicine. Think I'll head back to bed.

Wishing you a cozy evening, and perhaps a cozy supper, too. -Brin


Harbor Hon said...

In this 'time of lean' I am forging ahead with what I have. That's why I am so glad I bought the Goya Beans at $1.69 a pack and the cans of diced tomatoes at 10 for $10. Put together, they make a nice nourishing soup. I don't mind not having steak or any kind of meat when I can't afford it. I thank God every day that he gave me the knowledge to be able to cook whatever I can get.

You did very well on what you ate while you had pneumonia. Have had it three times and Ramen noodles are the best because your body needs the liquid from the broth the most. Keep up with the healing, dear girl. I think of you often. xxoo

Sandy said...

oh, to have lettuce like that ... we did just get our greenhouse up!

Betty said...

I am glad you are feeling somewhat better...even in these lean times we have so much to be thankful for...

No lettuce but we do have tomatoes in the green house...if we lived near each other we'd share our tomatoes with you....

God Bless....Betty @ Country Charm

Mia said...

Love how you describe "the winter cooking mood".

Exactly. Enjoy.

Meagan said...

Mmmm..... Now I am in the mood for steak!!

Unknown said...


I am loving your blog. Steak sounds good here too!! My heart is so warmed with reading your plans to share with the elderly neighbor of yours. You are a special person and will be greatly rewarded for it some day!!!!


The Raggedy Girl said...

While you didn't mean to write a funny post it turned out that way as I just confessed to my girlfriends this morning that I am the owner of 125 cookbooks. i have put myself on my own version of Cookbooks Anonymous.
Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better and back to cooking. Enjoy the beef!

Georgia Peach said...

About a month ago, I bought a small piece of beef (am eating mostly vegetarian these days) and made it into beef vegetable soup. This does involve some cutting of onions, carrots and celery but the rest is frozen vegetables..... pretty much anything you want with canned tomatoes and a can of tomato soup. It cooks for a long time and is very hearty. Also, my grandmother thought that turnip greens would cure anything. I think a lot of vegetables with a little protein is better for our bodies. I do hope you feel better soon. I had viral bronchitis for 8weeks last summer and I have never been so sick. I know how you feel. Blessings on you for the new year and take care.

Betty said...

Brin..when you are wishing for steak I know you are getting better and that is so good to hear!!
Oh my that fresh lettuce from the garden looks amazing..my garden is covered with snow and so freshly picked lettuce sounds very appetizing right about now.
You have a heart of gold, Brin..sharing what you have with others!

Unknown said...

How about BLT's? lol

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Meredith was referring to you on her blog. So here I am. Old enough to be your mother. But so much in common. I remodeled a 125 year old home 30 years ago. Several others also. A single mom who finished raising 4 children.
Now they are all in business and I have grandchildren. But I relate to you and wish I lived near you to comment on your project.
Take care and get better.

dtbrents said...

I'm Southern and the meals appeal to me too. The greens are beautiful. They make me think of wilted green salad or a greek salad. I like your blog. I will come again and read more. God bless you, Doylene

Anonymous said...

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