Sunday, June 3, 2007

Coming: Monday Moment

I have seen all the things
that are done under the sun;
all of them are meaningless,
a chasing after the wind.
-Ecclesiastes 1:14

Bet you came for a devotional, didn't you? Bet you'd be interested to know that this week's devotional is about being empty. About how life can seem meaningless. About how you... when the day is done and the lights go out... still wonder if there's more to life than what you see. If there's more to life than what you're getting...

... There is. I know because I've found it. Emptiness can be a thing of the past. Meaninglessness can no longer apply to you. No more chasing after the wind. Really. You don't have to live an empty life another day.

Check back with me later. As you read this I'm probably at church... around a fake campfire... teaching a passel of third graders about the importance of "daily cheer". Vacation Bible School begins today. Let me sit with these cuties and I'll be right with you, okay?

See you soon... -Brin


Beach Girl said...

And after all we went through as a family, I remind my oldest of this many times. He still struggles, but God fills if we just let Him.


Anonymous said...

I like where this devotional is going...I too have been there, an empty vessel but I am not there cup is full!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Brin, even your laundry is cute out there at Freeman House.

Thanks for the little devotional this Monday a.m. What a great empty ourselves so that He can use us. Hard to do sometimes though.

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait, Brin! I know I have so many blessings I can't count them, but once in a while a little questions sneaks into my mind---"Is this all there is?" Where does this selfishness come from???

Unknown said...

Looking forward to it Brin!!