Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sneak Peek: Patriotic Pin Roses

'T is the star-spangled banner:
O, long may it wave
O'er the land of the free
and the home of the brave!

-Frances Scott Key

I woke up this morning with a distinct craving to go on a picnic, eat some pie, and pop fireworks. Perhaps it was because some children down the street got ahold of some bottle rockets from the highway firecracker stand and began popping them at 11 o'clock last night. No matter. Today I have July 4th fever.

Hoping to dress up my wardrobe and picnic basket for this Fourth, I've been working on a basket full of Betsy Ross, Abigail Adams, and Susan B. Anthony fabric-and-ribbon roses for Independence Day. I thought they'd be a great addition to my usual (blah) July 4th t-shirt or denim jacket. I could also use them to adorn baskets, gifts, and decor. And I think they make especially fun gifts for mothers, sisters, and friends, don't you?

Yea! So, a limited number of Patriotic Pin Roses will be available in the Freeman House Shop through Wednesday. I thought I'd give those interested some advance notice. Hurry to get yours before they're gone!


Unknown said...

Adorable, I love the vintage looking fabric! They should go fast!

JoyJoy said...

Thank you SO much, Brin!! I received my Betsy Ross Rose pin only 2 days after I ordered!! WooHoo!! It is gorgeous!!!!! I love it!! Saturday we had to go to a large birthday party. I showed up in my new jeans, red button up shirt and Betsy Ross Rose pin!! Ladies there thought that was the prettiest thing they had EVER seen!! And you know what? They are right!!! Then Sunday AM, I put on my navy blue dress with matching jacket, and my Betsy Ross Rose pin, and got the SAME response from everyone I came in contact with!! I am so proud of it, Brin! Thanks for a job well done!!! I can't WAIT to wear it again tomorrow!!! WooHoo!!