Saturday, March 24, 2007

Potion Commotion

Announcement: it's Spring Cleaning Weekend at Freeman House.

I promise I'm not dawdling or procrastinating. I had things to do on my computer. Seriously, I'm about to start the clean-a-thon. But first I had to check Herbal Farmstead for the recipe to that antibacterial, all-natural rosemary/sage cleaner. I've already made Sue's Lavender Linen Water concoction, and yesterday when I had guests one paused in the laundry room and inhaled so deeply I was afraid she was having an asthma attack. "Smells wonderful," she said, as her eyes did this weird flutter-thing. It really caused quite a commotion.

(Of course, like my Great-Grandmother Lillie Belle Allen, I have no sense of smell, so I'm forever paranoid about the sniffs and sharp intakes of breath around me.)

But no matter. I'm completely taken with this idea of mixing my own herbs into potions for use in areas of the home outside the kitchen. I feel like a Victorian-era herbalist. Or a Macbeth-era double, double, toil-and-trouble kinda gal.

Mwa-ha-ha. I mean, who knew rosemary could clean your bathroom better and more safely than Comet? Sue did. People amaze me.

Oh, but yes... cleaning. I'm about to start. I have one more potion to mix and then my apron and I are off. I just hope I do this correctly. If I do, my bathroom will be the marvel of the town. If I don't... well, when you don't hear from me by Monday or Tuesday, we'll all know why.


Beach Girl said...

Hi Brin~

I saw your comment over at Beemoosie's. If you like history, please come visit me at

There you'll find some Hatteras Island history and pictures.

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Unknown said...

Oh Brin, I feel so honored!! Thanks for posting my link and I appreacite your rave review, your too sweet! I hope the recipes worked well for you like they do for me, I love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Brin - I have never even considered mixing my own cleaning potions (ha!) - but, I have a sensitive nose and smell everything - seems like I am always telling my hubby that the "house smells funny" - he just looks at me like I am one else seems to smell like I do! I will let you know how it goes....ha!
Have a great week!

cammy said...

What beautiful bottles to store your potions. I am definitely going to try making some myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kelly said...

So, I know this post was almost 2 years ago, but do you still remember the recipe for the rosemary cleaner? Maybe post it as a anniversary post?? :-)
Thanks much,
Kelly in Chicago