Thursday, March 29, 2007

Busy Nothings

Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.
-Jane Austen

Lowe's is making yet another delivery to Freeman House today. I get excited every time the loud, rumbling trucks pull up and send forth a fork lift. It's sort of like the hatching of a spring chick... it's thrilling and fun, but it also means a lot of work ahead.

Just like these seedlings. It's so exciting to watch them sprout... after all, there are so many factors which can work against them. Yet when they get tall and gangly, the cute wears off and it's time for the real work to begin.

(Note: Notice the tall green fuzzies in the background? Butternut squash, baby. Heh-heh. It's even coming up near the trash bin outside. I have no idea how it got there.)

This weekend I'm having a yard sale. Besides putting an ad in the paper, I've done little to prepare. (If you've ever experienced a small-town yard sale in Texas, you know what I'm facing. In fact, I'm not sure why they don't televise these things. At my last (first) one, there was a fight, a theft, a mini-auction, and a stellar performance by Miss Gunn ... playing herself, of course. Have I never told you about Miss Gunn? Oh, I must. I really must. It's knee-slapping, eye-watering hilarious. Maybe after the sale this Saturday. I'm sure by then I'll have even better material.)

So yes, the yard sale. The report for work. The work on the house. (I act as my own contractor.) The library fund raiser. Busy nothings. Busy, busy nothings. But they never stop coming, do they?

It's tough to remember during times like these to make the days count... not just count the days. I try, but then the Lowe's truck rumbles up and I tend to forget. Or a yard sale looms in my future and I get covered in 50 cent stickers and... forget. I forget to try to squeeze something eternal into the "succession of busy nothings". And shame on me. It should be the other way around.

But ah... another day. Another day to try. So I guess I'm off. Busy nothings await. Have a beautiful day!- Brin

[By the way, I put a hit counter on the blog yesterday for fun. I had them start the counter at 2300. I was shocked this morning to log on and see that my blog had 72 hits yesterday while I was away. Areyoukiddingme? 72? The counter people assure me they are, in fact, accurate. So now I'm curious who all 72 of you are. What your name is. If you like brownies. If you prefer spring... or fall. If you've ever been to a yard sale. Really? There are 72 of you faceless, non-commenting folk out there who read me yesterday? I'm floored. I'm honored and stunned. And curious. Honored, stunned, and curious by and about you. All 72 of you!]


Anonymous said...

One 71 more to go! Oh, an I LOVE BROWNIES! No icing on them, though!

BTW, thanks for the amazing comment on my blog regarding marriage. I almost deleted it - a little worried I was too transparent! It's hard to believe that 5 years ago my hubby and I were on the brink of divorce...and this June we will joyfully celebrate 20 years of marriage! Wow, I don't feel old enough to be married that long!

MyLifeWithTrent said...

Okay Brin, I'm Janie, one of the faceless! I followed your link from a comment on A Year In Bread. :) I adore brownies- heck I adore cooking! And gardening- and the Lord. Your post on "The Show" made me weep. I left professional cooking to raise two daughters. Yes, it was worth it! And I've passed on your blog to a couple of friends. I'm glad you're honored and not annoyed.

Anonymous said...

I am also one of the faceless!! I read everyday. I love to visit here and see what is new, but even though you know who I am does this mean that I have to leave a note EVERYDAY so you know I was here! (OK MOM!)


Beemoosie said...

Definately LOVE Brownies, and spring is my preference!! I don't know if I peeked in on you yesterday or not!!! What did that big rumbling truck bring you!! Wish I was down there for that yard sale, I bet you have some treasures! Have fun!

Ann said...

I am one of the 72 and proud to admit it. I LOVE anything chocolate, not just brownies, and well, I've already told you I'm a fan of the blog.....Fabulous, Dahlink, just Fabulous.

Anonymous said...

i read you just about everyday if i can get my time on the computer - have to fight with the fam for it. i LOVE your blog, and you, and i love brownies, spring, and your cute, cute aprons. i want one of the 4-pocket ones. i have lots of busy nothings, too, some of which i just kind of check off out of necessity (work), but the best ones always have something to do with being around my kids. so. wish i could help you with your garage sale. can't wait for the story about the lady? can't wait. have a good weekend. love, auntie m

Beach Girl said...

I'm in that 72, checking in daily and catching up on your past posts.

I love brownies and had the nickname "The Brownie Lady" back in Virginia because I love to bake them!


Unknown said...

I must admit, I'm part of the 72 also, checking your lovely blog daily and seeing what's new at Freeman house and hoping to see a photo of it? Just what did the Lowes truck bring? Sure wish I could attend your yard sale, I bet you have alot of goodies, and brownies are a family favorite here, icing and all! Have a great day, I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Brin - count me in as one of the 72, your Tulsa friend. I don't comment much but I read your blog EVERYDAY! It really makes my day. I love reading about your life. You are an incredible person, truly. BTW, I thought I was the biggest Gilmore Girls fan out there, but I'm thinking I might be wrong! Anyway, I love spring as well. It rained here yesterday and I woke up this morning and took a deep breath of the wet air. Don't you just love the smell of everything after it rains?! Be blessed, dear one. -Linda

Deb said...

Good luck with your yard sale this weekend! (I am looking forward to reading about your Miss Gunn story) :-)

Brin said...

Hey y'all! Quick notes:

Kelly - I love your blog and I'm honored you read me! And if you've been married 20 years you must've gotten married at what, 9 years old? Making you... 29? :D

Janie - Hiya! Thanks for introducing yourself! I sneaked over to your blog last night after 10 p.m. and was immediately sorry because your food looked so good that I got hungry and had to MAKE MYSELF go to bed. From now on, I'm only going to visit you before dinner time! :) Thanks for the kind comment, and I'm sorry for making you cry!

Am - Okay, Mom II! No, you don't have to comment all the time. I know you read, and I know where you live if you don't! Hey... tell us about the car show! How was it? Oh! And did I tell you I found the pictures of us in do-rags? Haha.

Beemoosie - you are great. And funny. Winning combination! The truck brought boring stuff like sheet rock and house wrap and wire. Nothing much to write about, except that it means PROGRESS! :D Love your comments. Thanks for stopping in!

Ann - Awh, thanks! The fact that you faithfully read here ... and that you don't consider it a waste of time... means you're one of my favorites! Glad you stopped by. Have a great weekend!

Auntie M (The Queen of Cool): I'll make you one with four pockets! Thanks for all you are and all you do! Love ya and can't wait to see you...

Vanessa - Hi! They called you the "Brownie Lady"?! Will you move in next door? :D I'd love to have a recipe! By way of trade, I'll post my favorite one this coming week. Deal? Thanks for reading me!

Sue - I'm so glad you're one of the 72! Thanks for being one of the 72! I plan to post pictures of Freeman House ... maybe this summer? She needs a little sandblasting help first! And I'd love to welcome you at the yard sale. I do think we'll have some great stuff. Have a good weekend!

Linda - You know that I remember you in my prayers every morning, right? Your support and blog friendship these past few weeks has meant a lot to me. A LOT. I still read your comment on days I'm a little... sad. Thanks for being there! I have your back!

Deb - Hi! Thanks for the kind wishes! I promise a Miss Gunn story... I just hope I can do it justice. Hope you and yours have fun this weekend in that beautiful world of yours!


~Dawn~ said...

I planted flower seeds in peat pots a week ago and am so excited how well they are doing! I saw yours and just wanted to mention we had something in common! I've been using the Burpee website for info on cultivating so we'll see how it goes! Good luck with yours!
~A Charmed Life~

hIWTHI said...

I visited your blog a while ago and just found your link again on Dawn's blog. Love your pictures and your sweet look at life! I love all of the seasons, but spring is my favorite, brownies are great, too!