Monday, April 4, 2011

Photos, Blogger, and Chick Flick Auctions

It seems as though I awoke from my picture-taking slumber. I've been snapping photos of everything again: apple blossoms, pressure canners, raspberry breakfasts, creeping thyme, knitting projects. But alas, blogger isn't letting me upload photos! A red flag's been waved and I've no doubt made them crazy with my questions.

As they resolve this issue, here's a quick note to say that I'm selling a Chick Flick collection of DVDs and other snazzy things on eBay this week. (You know I'm just now unpacking Freeman House boxes? It's been fun and puzzling. Fun to rediscover "lost" belongings. Puzzling to realize I had some of this stuff in the first place! Ha.) Anyhow, click here if you've been looking to treat yourself for cheap, run on over and take a gander at what I've got up for grabs.

Can you believe it's Monday already? I think we're in for a good week. -Brin

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