Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How To Make Your Own Deodorant


In about five minutes.

With five ingredients.

All natural.  No aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly, or aluminum compounds.  :)

For way cheaper than you can buy it.

Same consistency as the deodorant you're used to.

And it works.

Okay, I won't bore those who aren't interested with the details. If you're into this and would like my recipe, all the information's over at the My Messy, Thrilling Life Community page here. Scroll down and there you are!

Bring on summer, eh?  :)   -Brin


Lori Alexander said...

This is the best deodorant...EVER!!! I have been using it for years and your shirts NEVER smell.

Mrs. Noonzie said...

Is it an antiperspirant too, or just a deodorant?

Anonymous said...

I had an "odor" issue. I would get out of the shower, put on deoderant, and withing 10 minutes one of my underarms had soured. This continued for several years and I tried every suggestion I would read about, but to no avail...until, I read that bacteria causes odor. I had always used antibacterial soap, but the advice was to use antibacterial wipes, followed by a triple antibiotic ointment. I used a knockoff of Neosporin and after about a week, I no longer have my problem. I continue to use triple antibiotic, although I have read that tea tree oil is a good substitute, so I may experiment. I was pleased that this worked, but most surprised that the small amount needed does not mess up my clothing. I always had deoderant streaks on my shirts before. I am all for ridding our lives of unnecessary and harmful products. is a great resource for answering health and hygiene questions. I have even found helpful petcare information as I believe many pet products result in side effects for our pets that cause skin and immune system problems.

April@ Natural Nester said...

That looks interesting...I'll have to try it! I hate that the stuff I use now has all those nasties you mentioned, but the all-natural versions I buoght at the store didn't work. And I refuse to smell funky. :)

Anonymous said...

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