Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How To Do Country Anywhere

I have this longing to get back to the country. Back to the fields of clover and wild blackberries where I grew up. My family lives on 50-something acres. Down the hill it's thick with pine and oak "forests" and there's a small brook that wanders until it spills into a pond. On the other side of the hill is open pasture, dotted only with an old horse barn, a strung-out fence, and a centuries-old well. There's also a cedar tree with an axe head embedded deep in the bark.

Everything grows there. Wildflowers. Holly. Plum trees. Daffodils. Whenever I think "happy place", I imagine I'm ten again and right back there. In my wildest dreams, I come into money and am able to buy the place and keep it in the family. Since my Grandfather died it's been for sale.

For now, I faithfully ready myself to move to land I did buy- 5 acres to the north with its own brook and trees. But it's on the far side of a forgotten town with a long-passed economy. There are no jobs there. So I wait and work and hope...

... and I try to do my country thing anywhere.

Isn't it exciting to hear all the reports of folks beginning to try things themselves again? Growing a pot of herbs. Learning to sew. Or quilt. Or knit. Planting a balcony garden. Making soap. Keeping chickens. Dipping candles. I find it fascinating. And the most entralling part?

We can do country anywhere!

I'm curious: are there any other girls who long for country/farm life out there? Girls stuck in dumb jobs or boring apartments or stuffy cities who inwardly cry for wide open space and the chance to live your dream?

If so... if that's you... come over!  Let's dish and dream together.  You'll find the new forum How To Do Country Anywhere by clicking here.  -Brin

Also... would the Jessica who anonymously commented last night please email me at letters(at)brinwisdom.com? I don't have a way to contact you but want to get you an answer and would like to chat!


Just a Girl said...

I always miss the country! My family moved to a rural setting when I was 16, we lived in a medium-sized farmhouse surrounded by fields and forests. I miss the sweet smell of hay in the mornings and the sound of the coyotes at night! Your blog is really cute and I love your entries, I look forward to more!

~Just a Girl

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Man, I do!! We have 2 acres on the edge of town, which will be in town soon enough, and I long to get back out in the country where the only traffic is a visitor! Love your new forums! I hope you can buy your family land someday too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's my heart's desire as well. For now, we're in the big city of Dallas....we've been here for almost 30 years...it's the only place my husband could support us. But our hearts belong to the country and I hope we get to return there someday...East Texas :)