Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing the 'My Messy, Thrilling Life' Community

This blog's been here for almost six years now. It's about time we all have a place to get connected. Get real. Get to know each other. Don't you think?

Me too.

I'm excited to invite you, my dear favorites, to join me over on the My Messy, Thrilling Life Community hosted by blogfrog. (You can get there by clicking the blue link or finding the latest postings on the sidebar to the right.) Do you have something you've always wanted to ask me? Need advice on a craft, recipe, or venture? Reading a great book you want to discuss or tell everyone about? Curious to meet some of the other folks who hang out here? Want to get or share advice on home and homesteading-related things? Let's get together and dish!

Feel free to join us and participate in an existing discussion. Or start one of your own! This is a place for us Messy, Thrilling folks, so anything goes!

Hope to meet you over there soon. Until then, hope you have a sweet tea kinda day. -Brin

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