Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Fat Funk

This week I'm working on new decorations for my Sunday School classroom at church. I've decided to take up quilling because, you know, I don't have enough things going on. Although I can't remember exactly where I found this inspiration picture, I'm determined to copy something like it - on a bigger scale - for the class. I'll have to do pink pigs or bunnies too, though, because the girls will levy harsh criticism if it has a "gross boy" vibe.

I was going to show you my Sugar Shoes today but it just ain't happening. I spent part of the afternoon on my hands and knees at a funeral home (no kidding) looking for my missing BlackBerry. The darn thing came up missing yesterday and I knew it was one of two places: in a friend's car or at the funeral home. Oh boy. I called my friend.

"Did you find my phone in your car? Could you look?" I begged.

Not here, came the answer.

I drove to the funeral home. After combing the parking lot and the grassy area and the hearse parking carport, I went inside and explained my hunt. The sweet funeral home lady opened the chapel and turned on the lights and helped me look. "Can you just call it?" she asked. No, no, I can't, I explained, I set it on silent for the service. "Maybe it slipped out of your pocket onto the floor and someone kicked it," she suggested. So there I was, crawling in and out of the pews and poking my hands in the cracks of the seats. Nothing. Finally found the thing in a big potted plant next to where I shook the preacher's hand as I was leaving the service. Figures. Thank goodness I didn't lean over the coffin or anything or I have no doubt my BlackBerry would now be six feet under.

I have no idea how the phone jumped my jacket pocket as I was leaving the funeral. It was a weird hour, anyway. As a Randy Travis tape whined Blessed Assurance over scratchy speakers, the funeral director walked up and down the aisle grinning "like he had new dentures", my friend observed. And that was after he leaned over me and tried to tell my friend about some 8-inch spread mule deer he'd killed at his dear lease and wanted to tell my friend's dad about. Sheesh.

Some days my life is too ridiculous.

Do you ever have times when you just get in a big fat funk? Today I feel like that monkey aboard the ark. I have no excuse, but here I am, right in the middle of a I'm-a-seasick-monkey-on-a-boat-that-won't-quit-rocking kind of funk. I think I need a day off to quill. And some Indian food. That might do it. Quilling and chicken masala. Sure wouldn't hurt to try... (grin).


jill said...

tpbhwgOh, sister, I'm feeling your pain. I'm intriqued by the quilling - looks like fun.

Let the world revolve without you tonight - cozy in and enjoy yourself.

A brand new day awaits you tomorrow.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Twilling? Wow.

Double wow that the Blackberry was found. That's great!

Yes, sometimes I can see your life featured in a sitcom.

Have a good evening!

The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...

I agree. Be kind to yourself, Brin. And enjoy your quilling. Sounds fun!

Glad your Blackberry resurfaced, even it was pretending to be an exotic plant. ;-)

Sheila (who once lost her wallet while looking at rugs and found it rolled up in one)

Theresa said...

You really know how to tell a story. Thanks so much for sharing, you made me laugh.
Sorry about your funk, I can relate.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Cathy said...

Wow, what a day.. I have a friend that has a funeral home and she needed help one day. I went into the chapel and ...Oh, to my surprise..someone's grandfather.. I about died. I kind of looked at him and said. "Well, honey this is the last time you'll ever hear this." I then ran the sweeper.

ancient one said...

You have a wonderful way with words.. I was smiling as you searched for your blackberry...of all places to lose something, LOL

Yes, we all have funky days sometimes.. it'll be better soon...just hang in...

Cori G. said...

Indian food will cure anything even a blue monkey funk!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm not sure what quilling is, but the photo is adorable and if anyone can reproduce it, you can! Glad you found your blackberry, it could of been much worse, funny story. Hope you get your day off, we all need one now and again! Hugs!!

Lochlanina said...

Pockets just aren't deep enough anymore, don't you think? I'm always having trouble with stuff falling out of smurf-sized pockets.
Glad you found your Blackberry.

Love the Ark idea. I have done some quilling. It's rather fun, at first... Word to the wise, If you run out of quilling papers buy more. You can make your own but they never turn out the right weight or length or size somehow --at least mine never did.

Fat Funks seem to be going round right now like some sort of bad cold germ of the soul. Hopefully you only caught a 24 hour bug. Get well soon. :)

Claire said...

I am having one of those days today and that is why I am here to escape... traffic jam, uncooperative clients, screaming workers, me,the consultant trying to keep it together... and so I feel like a crazy baboon on top of three arks with no ladder down : )

Kim said...

I couldn't help but laugh about the loss of the blackberry. A few weeks ago I lost my keys. That keyring has every little coupon clipping card on it that I own (Lowes Food, Food Lion, Curves, CVS, and the list goes on.) I looked everywhere, called everywhere I had been, tore my house apart (which is a good excuse to clean it). I have never in my life lost a set of keys, never. Somehow they managed to hop out of my purse and into oblivion. I still haven't found them. I keep praying for them to turn up - I miss them.

Anyways, I hope you a happy funky day.

Daffodil Hill said...

You have me laughing out loud with your funeral home adventure. Too funny! I can just see myself in that predicament. Anyway, glad you found the phone, and hope you have lots of fun with your latest project. Probably just what the dr ordered for your funk. {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

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