Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Knitting for Nephew

I got word yesterday that my first niece/nephew could arrive any moment now. My youngest brother and his wife are expecting a little boy... the first grandchild of the family. Excited isn't even the word. Thrilled isn't even the word. Already, this baby boy is well loved.

Following a popular design on Pinterest, I sewed the little one some burp cloths. They were great fun to stitch and turned out sturdy and sweet, I thought. Once those were gifted, I set about knitting. The first soft and squishy thing off my needles was this little hat: simple, standard, no frills. My brother is adamant about the no-frills bit for his son... and my sister-in-law is a fan of anything orange, so this seemed appropriate.

I've also recently gotten my hands and eyes on a copy of Knitting Gifts for Baby. Oh. These designs are completely wonderful. I'm actually off to the yarn store here in a bit to find some yarn for a little jacket... and a rattle... and maybe that blanket.... ... There just isn't enough yarn or time in the world, you know? 

Speaking of time, can you believe it's already mid-October? It's alarming how quickly these days are slipping by!

Hope today finds you well, friend. Happy Wednesday! -Brin

P.S. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link, but I'm not connected in any way to the author/publisher and my love for this book (and resulting recommendation) is my own, of course, and given without any compensation.

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Sherry said...

handsome little cap for a little man soon born.
what a delight it must be to create wonderful
warmth for a sweet loved one. :)