Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Everything is waning here. Draining color. Bowing in defeat. It's as if nature itself is surrendering to the heat.

Temperatures have been holding steady between 100 and 105 F each day. It's the kind of weather in which you hang jeans out to dry and go check them 2 hours later and there they are, stiff as a board. The streets are quiet between 10 am and 7 pm. Who would dare risk a heat stroke during those hours?

There's so much to do outside, but in we sit, sweating by the fan and wearing as few layers as possible. I need to settle my blueberries and strawberries into permanent beds, but it's just too hot. Even the bees are out of the hive, hanging from the entrances and buzzing their frustration. It's too hot. It's just too hot.

The other day it was cloudy and I put on a CD of rain/relaxation music... the kind of CDs you see in those displays in Target that you can listen to before you buy. I put it on and turned it up... then I played instrumental Christmas music from my iHome. Yes. Yes, I did. In my world, it was a rainy December day. Outside, it was hot as blazes August. Folks came over and I apologized and went around turning off the thunder soundtrack and the O Come, All Ye Faithful.

We do what we can to survive.

I am eagerly awaiting your arrival, Autumn. Please hurry. -Brin


Lynelle said...

Oh my goodness I did the same thing. The kids and I went to Hobby Lobby, bought Christmas crafts and a few gifts. Came home and wrapped them up, decorated a little with Christmas lights and candles and turned on Christmas music. We had a nice dinner and exchanged gifts. My husband was a little surprised too but he didn't say anything either. Lol! You're right, we just do what we have to. The kids loved it. We watched Mickey's Christmas after dinner.

Gail said...

Sorry Brin, I can't wait until next summer. When the temps start falling below 80 during the day I become a miserable person.

Durf said...

Wow! Why no a/c? We in New old houses in New England just buy $99 Walmart a/c's you stick in the window. We start really whining when it gets above 85. We just got through a heat wave w/extreme humidity. But today was beautiful, like a late September day, cool in the a.m. and a slight breeze later with just enough warmth to remember it's still summer.

rachel said...

Yes, I find myself longing for autumn too! Tho it's nowhere near so hot here in the UK...hope you catch a break soon! :)

Elenka said...

OK, I have to ask a few questions....
I followed you years ago while at Freeman House, and then when you stopped blogging for a while, I lost track....etc. etc.
Well, today, for some reason I thought of you and goggled your blog and voila! Here you are!
I'm from New England, so I don't have to deal with your temps (64 here at 10:30 a.m.), but my questions deal with the fact that my son and his girlfriend just moved to Austin! They have been there about 1 1/2!!
So, being a mom, here are my questions...weird as they are. If you are gardening or hiking or doing anything outdoors, what kind of creatures do you need to watch out for? Are there tons of poisonous snakes around? Do you have to be careful digging in and around the dirt with your hands?? How about bugs? Any dangerous bugs people have to be careful about? We have no poisonous snakes in our state, and no bugs to worry about other than bees and wasps and mosquitoes. It's a different world down there!
(but I know they are the ones that will be laughing in January when I'm complaining about it being 20 below zero out!)
Anyway, glad to re-connect!!!