Monday, August 10, 2015

Moving On to the Master

Work began yesterday on the master bedroom- the boxy, soaring-ceilinged (that's an actual word) room that juts out from the southeast corner of the house. I was so excited to see ladders and work lights and sanders and the shop vac beginning to litter the floor. Progress! Got to love real progress!

Here's what we're working with: badly abused original wood floors. Once covered with carpet, they're bare again now, meaning there are hundreds of nail holes, stains and uneven places. 

But it only begins with the floor. Moving up the wall, the trim is missing in places and in need of care in others. Two windows require new glass; one is cracked, the other was cut in half to accommodate an air conditioner at some point. Either I find an old, wavy-paned window to replace it with, or we're going to have to get our carpentry tools out and build a new one. We'll get there.
There are four doors in this room: one to the bathroom, another to a closet, one opening to the crooked hall, and the last to the glassed-in sun porch. The closet is tiny. Teeny tiny. As in, three feet wide and a few feet deep tiny. But since the closet shares a wall with the half bath, my plan is to knock out the closet wall, join the two spaces, and make it into a full master bath. A small (but serviceable) master bath. Then we'll frame in a large closet on the full wall to the left of the bathroom door- that's the door in the left of the photo above- and have it all: large master, large closet, and a full, private bath.

All we'll winners need then is a chicken dinner. Ha. Ahem. Okay...
After some holes are patched in the wall and we caulk the place until it resembles an iced cake, painting will begin. I want to do a very creamy, soft gray in this room. I want to, but we still have gallons of the other paint left and to save money, maybe we'll stick with that in here, too. For now. Or maybe I'll sneak on down to Sherwin-Williams and see if I can find a deal on what I really want. Let's be real: it will all depend on whether I'm feeling thrifty or hormonal the day before the painting begins. (Lord, help me, I pray.)

For such a bright, open, good-sized bedroom space for an old home- it's about 20' x 18'- it's perfect for tucking a small reading/sitting area in by a window, I think. I'm excited about that. I love homes... and gardens... with lots of small sitting spaces for reading or quiet chats. This old place has those nooks everywhere. Makes my heart happy.

As for furnishings, I'm a little spare in that department. I still feel pain- real, actual pain- when I think of the pieces I sold off after Freeman House. I could kick myself for it. I have kicked myself for it. So many times. But all I can do now is begin again. It's time to hit up some antique stores and roadside sales and Salvation Army and see what we can drag home and spruce up and love....

This evening, sanding and patching continues. It will be so much fun to see how the space evolves. I'll show you every step of the way, I promise!

What would you envision for a master space like this? Please, feel free to share. -Brin

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Adrienne said...

Your master bedroom and bathroom are going to be wonderful when they are finished. I love the ideas you've shared. I would love to have room for a sitting area in our bedroom but a chair by the big double sliding doors will have to do. I guess that is a sitting area, isn't it?

Kathi said...

I like your idea of knocking down the wall in that tiny closet. It's going to be gorgeous when you are finished. I look forward to seeing what you do. Kathi

Gail said...

I know how you feel about selling your things, but now you have a chance to buy his and your things with new memories.

Unknown said...

This all is so exciting and thanks for bringing us along and asking for input. You mentioned a sunroom off the master, will that be your reading nook? Love that idea, and it screams you, cozy!!! Furniture comes and goes, doesn't it, but I know you will find the perfect pieces for this space! You always do!

Betty said...

Love what you are doing Brin and I'm sure it will all be very cozy when you are done. I'm not great at giving design advice but I know what I like when I see it:) I too love those cozy nooks for reading.

Leigh Ann said...

We live in North Carolina and are selling my Mother in law's antiques. They are beautiful, but we don't have a home for them any longer. If you are interested look me up on Facebook Leigh Ann Smith Neely.